Rebound XT & Lean Extreme PCT

  1. Rebound XT & Lean Extreme PCT

    I've searched around a bit and couldn't find any info specific to what I'm doing, so I'll just go ahead and ask here.

    I'm getting ready to wrap up a 6-week 4AD/1-test cycle with Methyl-Rage the last 2 weeks. I've got nolva at home that I was planning on using for PCT, but I've been hearing good stuff about this Rebound XT & Lean Extreme for PCT. I wasn't sure how long to run them and at what dosage.. Would 4 weeks be ok? How about dosage??

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. I'd like to know as well.
    I've looked at a lot of posts, but whats the latest word on this?
    Any new info or wisdom?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Hey. Take a look at my cycle in my signature. I have a general guideline for dosing. I've only been on PCT for about 4 days now, but everything seems to be going good so far.

  4. Thanks!

  5. Hey natedogg, I've been keeping up with your thread. Good stuff. So with a 6-weeker, 4 weeks of PCT still seems to be the norm. Looks like I'll go ahead and stick with what you suggested.

    Week 7 = Rebound XT @ 75mgs ed/Lean Xtreme @ 200mgs ed
    Week 8&9 = Rebound XT @ 50mgs ed/Lean Xtreme @ 150mgs ed
    Week 10 = Rebound XT @ 25mgs ed/Lean Xtreme @ 150mgs ed

    I guess my main question now has to do with dosing.. I'd read about someone taking 2 of something when they wake up, 2 4 hours later, 2 before bed, or something to those effects. What is the reasoning for this, and how are you dosing them throughout the day? Would my results be any different if I were to take them in 2 divided doses ?

  6. One more question - libido. How do these products effect libido when used for PCT?

  7. BUMP for some answers. I begin PCT tomorrow. Can anyone help me out here?

  8. IF you are talking about dosing, when you are doing the multiple doses go one morning and 2 before bed and as you go down go to 1 morning and one before bed and for your 25 mg take that one before bed and you will be good. Not to sure on the Lean Extreme though.

  9. Thanks for the response.

    Anyone else have any more info?
  10. rxt

    After a super suppresive m1t and finigenx cycle im using 2 6oxo upon waking and 6 before bed along with 100mgs Rxt spread throughout the day and 3 grams tribulus per day and im GAINING weight on top of what i gained on cycle. Might want to throw some more stuff in there just in case. Ive heard good things about lean extreme and will def throw it into the mix in the future because i could literally feel the cortisol burning on my muscles the first few days after stopping. Im loving Rxt. Use it


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