When I Lose Control.....I Like It! Prop/Tren A

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  1. May 25, 2005

    Bodyweight: 239


    22 Work Sets

    CGBP 195x5, 205x2x5
    HS Incline 60,80,100x6, 110x4
    HS Decline 60x8, 80x9, 70x12
    Calf Raises 310x10, 330x10, 350x10, +2 sets
    Lateral Raises 30x12
    Tate Presses 35x8, 45x8
    Flies 45x10
    HS Shoulder Press 85x8, 105x8, 120x6


    Lawn Care 3 hours


    Water retention is really low after all the physical labor. Strength was up just a bit, but nothing spectacular. I could feel the CNS stimulation, but very little aggression this time. I may go back to 36 hour dosings of Tren. Will decide that within the week. I have lost a small amount around the waistline, but nothing to write home about yet.

    Diet Notes

    Was doing well with the diet, but decided to go out for catfish last night. My appetite was suppressed to the point that I could only eat about half what I usually did. Consequently I did little damage. Liking the Tren more every day.
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  2. May 26, 2005

    Bodyweight: 240


    Conventional Deads 225x5, 305x5, 300x5, 305x5
    Squats 135x10, 155x7, 155x6, 175x5
    Leg Extensions 3 sets


    Lawn Care 3 hours

    Workout Notes

    I am a bit stronger. 300x5 was cake, 305 felt pretty heavy. Squats felt fantastic with such light weight. I think I'll work up in reps and keep the weight down on those. Lower back was a little tight. I think I'll take 6-7 days off b/f my next deadlifting session to recuperate.

    Diet Notes

    Still noticing good appetite suppression. I think I am going to cut calories a little more so long as my binging tendency doesn't come back.

    AAS Notes

    Hair loss seems to have vanished. Only thing I did was drop out the prop. Problem seems to be solved! I'll reintroduce very small amounts of Prop as I see fit throughout the cycle, but am going to keep a close eye on it.

    I am also going to start dosing the Tren more consistently at about 75mg every 36 hours. Realistically, I am shooting for anywhere between 300-350 mg Tren each week. I think without Test in there, that may be a more effective dose. Also, I have the suspicion that most of the fat burning I have done so far has come from mild calorie restriction and a lot of lawn service work.

  3. Friday, May 27, 2005


    Lawn Care 5 hours, moderate activity level

    AAS Notes

    Hair loss is pretty much not happening. Definitely a good thing. I do however still have pain and a little puffiness in nipple area, but no small pea sized lumps. Have been taking nolva since the inception of the pain. Hopefully it is not from the Tren, but it looks like it could be. Otherwise, noticing very good muscle hardness, much better than expected.
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  4. very good log bro...you might want to pick up some b6 and dose at 200mg ED

  5. Thanks Ryan. Already there! I started out dosing B6 really high. I have kept it at 100-200 ED throughout the cycle.

  6. May 28, 2005

    Bodyweight: 248


    11 Work Sets

    HS High Row 200x10, 250x7, 260x6
    Curls 60x7, 55x2x6
    Chinups 248x3
    HS Low Row 220x8, 260x8
    EZ Reverse Curls 90x10, 90x6
    Lat Pulldown 180x8


    Strength is up. Once again, just a little bit. Nothing too spectacular, though I am now in PR territory on most of this pulling work.

    Appetite is also up somewhat. That is probably what is responsible for the small 8 lb jump in bodyweight I made overnight. Will have to take some measurements.

  7. Definitely some significant strength gains over a four day period.
    May 25, 2005

    22 Work Sets

    CGBP 195x5, 205x2x5
    HS Incline 60,80,100x6, 110x4
    HS Decline 60x8, 80x9, 70x12
    Calf Raises 310x10, 330x10, 350x10, +2 sets
    Lateral Raises 30x12
    Tate Presses 35x8, 45x8
    Flies 45x10
    HS Shoulder Press 85x8, 105x8, 120x6
    May 29, 2005

    CGBP 185x10, 205x6, 215x5
    HS Incline 80,100x6, 115x6, 120x5
    Lateral Raises 35x9
    Tate Presses 45x8, 50x6
    Pushdowns 45x6
    HS Shoulder Press 150x5, whole stack
    Pec Dec 2 sets


    These are the sort of strength gains that I like. They come on so very fast. I am hoping that by going 6-8 weeks on tren I can keep a bit more of it than usual. I find it far easier to add weight than reps. Even now trying to get extra reps on some stuff is like pulling teeth. Definitely stronger on Tate presses than I have ever been.

    Joints actually feel really good with all of the CNS stimulation. No noticeable bloat. Good muscle hardness and vascularity. Recovery is quite good. Laying off the lawn care work has been a big help these last couple of days.

    Appetite is unfortunately coming back with a vengeance.

  8. May 30, 2005

    Bodyweight 243


    Calf Work 5 sets
    Leg Extensions 4 sets


    Elliptical 26:00, 75-85 rpm, 400+ kcals, <165 heartrate

    My endurance was way up for some reason. Heartbeat was down by about 10-15 beats per minute. I had no problems running the elliptical over 100 rpm if needed. All the buttons started beeping red on me. Never had that happen before.

  9. May 31, 2005


    Conventional Deadlifts 275x5, 315x5, 335x3, 325x5
    Low Row 200x9, 260x9
    Timed Holds 405x2 sets
    Shrugs 110x12


    Elliptical 20:00, 75rpm


    Strength is up on the deadlifts. Lats and Bis weren't quite recovered from Sunday's session, so I chose to hold off and make it a light day.

  10. updates? I notice your weight is down? Strength is up though, so that's good.

  11. Thanks for checking in Brogers. Weight has actually been really stable throughout the cycle. I think 248 or so was as large as I got. My weight normally flucuates a lot more than this. Tren is keeping me pretty dry and muscles full.

    I am going to make a concerted effort to drop calories slightly. Fat loss has been minor so far and likely due to all the physical work and training I have been doing more than the Tren. It is normally really tough for me to lose weight on any kind of anabolic.

  12. June 2, 2005

    Bodyweight 244


    CGBP 220x5, 205x6
    HS Incline 120x5, 110x7
    HS Decline 80x7, 70x9
    Tates 35x13, 40x11, 40x11
    HS Shoulder Press 130x7
    DB OH Press 60x9


    Elliptical 20:00, 80+ rpm


    Endurance is still nice and high. Still sweating a lot in the gym as usual. No noticable night sweats yet however. Seems like most folks get them on Trenbolone. Not me so far. Blood pressure feels pretty high, but not as high as it felt on a major bulk.

    I'll give an update at the end of one month on Tren regarding bodycomp changes. So far they have been modest. A bit more muscle (not a lot), a bit less fat.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Cardinal
    Thanks Ryan. Already there! I started out dosing B6 really high. I have kept it at 100-200 ED throughout the cycle.
    pardon the ignorance, but what does B6 do while on tren again? On a side note, I think he has to to with progesterone/bitch tit issues, and I have used deca, eq, sust, dbol, etc... without AI and never experienced any gyno or sensitive nips....

  14. Max32

    I am definitely not the best person to ask about what it is supposed to do chemically. But from my understanding it basically helps with progesterone gyno issues, but there isn't any conclusive evidence that those doses will help humans. Check out the reference rhino posted on page I of my log here. Should give you a good lead in.

    On a side note, you are really lucky not to have problems with the gyno. Regular test gyno is easy enough to prevent but prog gyno can be a bit tougher. It costs money to prevent either way you look at it. Frankly I can't tell that vitex is doing anything. Arimidex is helping to keep almost all discharge away but there is still pain and some hardness but not pea sized lumps so far.

  15. June 3, 2005

    Bodyweight: 244


    HS High Row 260x6
    Chins 244x2x5
    Curls 65x4, 60x6, 55x6, 50x6, 45x9, 40x10
    HS Low Row 260x9, 280x5, 300x5
    Wrist Curls 30x2x5, 50x12


    Elliptical 20:00, 82 rpm


    I think I may make a few minor adjustments to my workout. Just to switch things up a bit. I am definitely going to focus on being able to do more chinups. Next workout will be a squat/leg day. Need a day off from deadlifting.

  16. Any big changes in the mirror you can notice?

  17. Brogers,

    Not yet. This cycle is going to require some patience on my part. Running a close to eucaloric diet, the changes sure will come slow. I'll be lucky if I get about 5 lbs muscle over the whole cycle. That will be harder to notice in comparison to my last 50 lb weight gain this winter. Fat loss will be mainly dictated by how hypocaloric I can stay and not by the purported thermogenic benefits of Tren. I can see why many people say 3-4 weeks isn't anywhere near long enough to realize major visual changes just from being on Tren.

    The biggest changes so far have definitely been in my training ability. Both endurance strength and limit strength with the weights.

  18. June 4, 2005

    Elliptical 60:00, 65 rpm

    Can't say I didn't do my cardio on this cycle! This was really easy for me, but it got to my knees pretty bad once I hit an hour on the elliptical.

  19. June 5, 2005

    Leg Day

    Squats 135x8, 155x8, 175x8, 195x7, 175x8
    Leg Extensions 60,70,80x20, 90x15


    Elliptical 35:00, 525 kcals, 75 rpm


    Yes my top set of 195x7 on squats does represent a significant strength gain =D I am quite weak overall.

  20. June 6, 2005

    Bodyweight: 243.5


    Elliptical 65:00, 68rpm, 1000kcals


    Incline DB Press 50x8, 70x8, 80x7, 80x6, 70x8
    JM Press 135x2x8
    HS Incline 80x8
    Pushdowns 30x10
    Tates 40x11, 40x11
    Flies 45x10

    Did my workout after cardio. Strength was down a bit as a result. I did switch up the movements I normally train and tried to keep the rep range higher.

    Cardio Edit

    3-4 hours Lawn Care Spread over last 48 hours
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  21. June 7, 2005

    Bodyweight: 245


    Elliptical 65:00, 1000+ kcals

  22. June 8, 2005

    Bodyweight: 248

    I injected some prop over my last five shots and I think this is what is responsible for the weight jump. I am not complaining. Definitely not gaining fat.


    HS High Row 200x6, 240x6, 260x5, 280x4
    Neutral Chins 248x4
    Curls 60x7, 60x6, 50x10
    HS Low Row 260x9, 300x6
    Wrist Curls 30x2x7


    Elliptical 60:00, 70 rpm

    My right knee is giving me some hell. I may have to start incline walking for awhile and do less elliptical work.


    I am definitely still gaining strength, although at a much slower rate than I was initially. I came pretty close to getting another rep on curls, which is tough for me. I feel close to my natural limit on that lift. 280 felt heavy on the high rows and I lacked some rom. Chinups were hurting my elbow joint again, so I backed off after one set. I still need to do Hammer Strength stuff to feel really good. Training more like EOD still seems best for me, whether I am on or not.

  23. Great log Cardinal. Very detailed and interesting. Keep up the good work.

  24. Thanks Redspy. Glad it has been of some interest and hopefully is useful as well.

  25. June 9, 2005


    Elliptical 60:00, 900 kcals

    AAS Notes

    I injected a bit more frequently over the last three days, effectively upping my dose. I experienced more or less what I expected. Last night I had a good case of insomnia and ridiculously minor night sweats (they have been hardly noticable for me throughout). Until that point most all of the side effects of tren had vanished except for the strength gains and nipple hardness. I am interested to see if I accrue strength faster now at a slightly higher dose. I suspect I will.

    I am also still dosing prop with the Tren now, so that is what is keeping my bodyweight up. It definitely gives me a much softer look than running tren by itself. I would definitely have a very hard time dropping bodyweight if I ran tren/prop together the whole time. I would have to starve myself to some extent. Running a eucaloric/mildly hypocaloric diet like I am would not at all cut it for weight loss.

    Gonna rest up. Got some deadlifting PRs to set tomorrow!


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