SD, trans 1-test, & 1,4andro

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  1. SD, trans 1-test, & 1,4andro

    Day 1:

    Weight - 177 @ 5% (ballpark)

    Week 1: SD @ 30mg; 1,4andro @ 600mg; 1-test @ 300mg
    Week 2-3: SD @ 30mg; 1,4andro @ 800mg; 1-test @ 300mg
    Week 4-6: 1,4andro @ 800mg; 1-test @ 300mg

    PCT 4 weeks: RXT, LXT, ActivaTe, ZMA, GXR, Omega Thunder.

    Questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated.

  2. Day 2

    Weight: 176

    I ate a lot yesterday. I think the diuretic effect of the SD contributed to the 1lb loss which was probably water.

    Lethargy was a bitch lastnight. Today is ChestDay; not Monday.

  3. Nice. Whats the diet like?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Blown
    Nice. Whats the diet like?
    At least 200 grams of protein daily. I'm not much of a calorie counter but I eat, pimpin.
  5. Day 3

    Wt: 177lbs

    Did Chest yesterday. No strength gains to report yet. Lethargy not as bad today.

  6. Day 4

    Wt: 179

    I trained back lastnight. Deadlifted 365 for 6 reps on my 2nd set which is usual for me. So I'll say minimal strength gains so far since it was easier banging out most the reps on most of my excercises. I'll start going heavy on week 3 or 4.

    The SD seems to be kicking in much faster this time than last. Previously I had started at 20mg and didn't notice much until mid-way through the 2nd week. I might ramp down to 20mg next week, or just do 2 weeks of SD depending on how the gains are over the next week or so.

    BTW I'm going to pick up some cocoa butter today to prevent nasty stretch marks. Shoulders tonight.
  7. Day 5

    Wt: 180

    Trained arms today. Strength is increasing more each day it seems. I feel much better about this SD. Last cycle I ran 20mg for the first few couple weeks, and had to bump it up to 30mg. I'm definitely seeing better results from loading this compound.

    I've eaten a lot today. I predict 182 tomorrow morning.

  8. Sounding good so far man. Good luck! I may have to give SD a shot @ 30mg as well next time.
  9. Day 6

    Thanks, NP!

    I got a little outta hand with my weight prediction. I was still at 180 this morning. Today and Saturday are rest/binge eat days.

    Side effects so far:

    Lethargy - I fell asleep on the way home from work yesterday long enough to end up halfway over the yellow.
    Headaches - head feels hot and like I started breathing after holding my breath for a long time
    Lower back pumps - sat in a booth today for lunch and my lower back was aching like a bitch
    Slighty more irritable (bad for smart asses) and aggressive (good for tackling tasks at work)

    I skipped out on happy hour today b/c of the SD.
  10. Day 8

    Wt: 180

    I tranied legs this morning. My squat was substantially stronger today. Lower back pumps are definitely on now, and libido is decreasing. Lethargy doesn't seem as bad but, that's probably b/c I get to sleep in on the weekend.

    My muscles seem to be hardening up and they always feel full. I'm thinking of getting some Enlighten so I can counter lethargy at the job place.

    More to come on week 2 of 6!
  11. Day 9

    Wt: 180 Hmmmm, maybe I need more meats.

    Just got back from training chest, and strength is definitely on the up and up. I'm almost scared to see what happens when the 1,4 and 1-test both kick into full swing.

    I lost a pill of 1,4 this morning so I missed out on 200/800mg today. The damn thing slipped outta my pocket. I still had my SD though.

    Time for dinner.
  12. Day 10

    Wt: 182 (+5lbs in 10 days)

    As you can see, I broke 180 today. I trained back and had crazy lower-back pumps after deadlifting. I could barely carry a 40lb dumbbell across the gym, man! The workout was sweet but, I'm still not going heavy just yet. Tomorrow is shoulders.

  13. if you're 5% you must be contest ready shape. I am watching you're thread since I myself will be starting something similar after my BB contest. I think at a low bodyfat percent, you can really tell how much is water bloat etc....Have you noticed anything in the way you look? a little more water around the striations?
  14. Day 11

    Wt: 183 (+6)

    Trained shoulders today. Strength is stedily increasing. I think the 1-test is kicking in which would be the reason for the sudden rapid weight gain. I know SD bottoms out but there really isn't much of a way to tell in my case.

    The weight that I gained should be minimal water since I am running compounds that are known to produce dryer gains. I haven't noticed any more water than what was already there around my striations. Maybe I don't have the eye for that yet.

    Arms tomorrow!
  15. Day 12

    Wt: 183

    Strength is up on all excercises for arms. I'm lookin good if the lighting is right. The next 2 days are rest. 4 weeks left!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by handzilla
    Wt: 183

    Strength is up on all excercises for arms. I'm lookin good if the lighting is right. The next 2 days are rest. 4 weeks left!
    Maybe take some pics? I'm thinking of doing a cycle very similar to this after my SD.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by fkngchucknorris
    Maybe take some pics? I'm thinking of doing a cycle very similar to this after my SD.
    Yeah I'll definitely take some pics. I'll try to put together a good before and after.
  18. Day 13

    Wt: 183

    Maybe the 1-test hasn't kicked in yet, I 'll have to compare my gains from last cycle to tell for sure. I'll update on that later.

    I'm not sure if I wanna run the SD next week. Maybe I'll cut down the dose.
  19. Day 15

    Wt: 181 Fyuck! I'm sure it was just water. Watch me be 184 tomorrow morning. Go figure.

    Strength and endurance is still increasing on leg day. Hamstrings got pumped up from curls.

    Now back to my gains from my previous cycle. I was up 4lbs by the 11th day and up 8lbs by the 20th day.

    For the 1st 2 weeks of this cycle I'd say I'm doing well in comparison. We'll have to check out the total gains by the end of this week.

  20. how much did you gain last cycle, and how long ago was it? -how much did you keep after PCT?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Anarchy939
    how much did you gain last cycle, and how long ago was it? -how much did you keep after PCT?
    Last cycle was SD, trans 1-test/ trans 4ad for 6 weeks. Gained 12; kept 7 following PCT.

  22. BTW, I cut the SD down to 20mg for this last week. Also thinking of tapering down to 10mg depending on gains over the next few days.
  23. Day 16

    Wt: 182

    I trained chest this morning but was trying not to go too heavy yet. Next week is when I increase weight and decrease reps to around 4.

  24. How's the lethargy at this point? SD + 1-test absolutely kicked my ass.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by bow
    How's the lethargy at this point? SD + 1-test absolutely kicked my ass.
    Lethargy has subsided for now. I was thinking the 1,4 would help to combat this somewhat when it kicks in.
  26. Day 17

    Wt: 184

    I will train back tonight. I was pretty pleased with the scale reading this morning. If my weight keeps going up this week, I'll get off the SD a few days early. That way I can let the 1-test do it's thing and possibly run M5 at the end of the cycle.
  27. Day 18

    Wt: 186

    The back workout was glorious lastnight! DeadLifted 365x8 on my 2nd set and then 365x5 on my 3rd. It would be sweet if I hit that 10lb mark before day 20. Shoulders tonight.

  28. Keep up the good work zilla.
  29. Day 19

    Wt: 186

    Good arm workout today! Felt very strong and pumps were ridiculous. I think I'm feeling the increased appetite from the 1,4 now. I'm always hungry.

    I've also been getting muscle cramps in my neck and legs. Back pumps are still there too. Taurine (at least 8g a day) ain't really doing **** for any of that.

    I'll update Friday and Saturday if my weight increases. 10 in 20 would be sweet! 3 more weeks!
  30. Day 20

    Wt: 187!

    There it is, 10lbs in 20 days. I'm loving it! I'm wondering if I'd have a better chance of keeping my gains if I stop now since I'm not feeling too shutdown. I wonder what the next 3 weeks will hold.


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