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  1. Got to weigh in the night before, was perfect weight.. had lots of time to recover.

    Get to the rules meeting on saturday and find out the scumbag promoter changed my fight to 5 5 minute rounds instead of 3 5 minute rounds. For an amateurs first fight, that is totally absurd.

    Anyways, the guy i fought was pretty big, pretty tough, crazy huge red beard..
    I came out agressive and fought for 5 rounds, at one point i knocked him out with a big right hand, but the ref didnt step in, so i got on him and started punching and basically woke him up and he clinched and stalled till he got his composure back.

    In the end, i gassed out in the fifth round and he ended up mounted on me, i defended his strikes but he jammed hte point of his elbow into my trachea (illegal) and i freaked out and tapped, id rather tap than die of a collapsed throat.
    so i lost

    I had knocked him out and was winning on the cards 3-1 to lose by an illegal move.

    oh well it just makes me want to smash the next guy i fight even more.
    I took a beating in this one, ill attach a pic, the other guy got beat just as bad, if not worse.
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  2. Damn, well first off - good job! - sounds like you had the fight won, and went the 5 rounds. Just stepping in the ring is something to be proud of. That sucks that he won that way, but it happens a lot. Some refs just don't catch things, and some guys will do anything... like you said better to tap in that situation - hell, my trachea is screwed up from being guillotined too much in training, sometimes it catches when I swallow - not something to take a chance on! Good battle wounds too - looks like a car crash! Was this your first fight? If not, how many have you had?

  3. yeah it was my first fight, no one could believe it. My cornerman has had 7 fights and he said i have spent more time in the ring than he has hahah

  4. Well ****, you did great for your first fight! How was it compared to hard sparring? I guess it was intense going full speed, full force, huh? I've never competed, and probably won't - I just don't have the time to train enough to keep myself from just getting trashed in the ring. Next weekend I'll get to see my coach and a couple of guys I train with fight at a little nhb event at a local bar.

  5. Well the mindset is different from hard sparring, it was the first time i have ever actually tried to KO anyone, ususally i am very carefull hitting my sparring partners. Cardio wise, it was very draining, the knees to the body really took a toll on me, going into the fourth and fifth rounds my legs were very very shaky. But it was funny as soon as the bell went at the beginning of each round, i forgot how tired i was and did my best to end the fight every chance i got.

    Im probably going to do a submission tournament in a couple weeks, it will be a nice break and i wont get hit in the face . I hope your teammates do well in their competition, its the most intense sport on the face of this earth, hands down!


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