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  1. weighing around 215 still, but probably closer to 213 or so

    Training is going well, im gonna kick ass at the end of the month for sure, diet going well, i took a bit of last week off(not picture perfect, but still ok) due to female craziness.

    still waiting on pins for the 7OH, they should have been here already, this is kinda pissing me off.
    Im stoked this cissus stuff works so well, i have had no recurring pain in my shoulder anymore, im feeling stronger and faster overall, being injury free means i can train harder, got armbarred hard tonight and my arm was sore immediatly after but no pain after a few minutes.

    life is good, just wish i could work less and train more

  2. Day 41: Morning weight 213

    Got my pins today and took my first shot of 7OH, i only did 1ml.. It was my first time injecting anything into my body.. took a couple tries to get the syringe to draw properly. Was painless.. injected into the left quad with the 1" 23g, went really smoothly, feels a tiny bit sore right now but nothing serious

    Anyways im going to run it at 450mg per week to start, injecting EOD
    Did the morning cardio class, god it sucks. then submission wrestling. Diet is on, training feels good, i feel strong even on lower cals and all that.

    I have had a bunch of different people notice that i have lost weight wihtout me even saying anything, im liking it, and im stoked to see how i like the 7OH

    So anyways, that is 10lbs in a month.. not damn bad assuming is mostly fat.
    Im going to take measurments tommorow so i can better gauge how the LX affects me.

    till later

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Kristopher
    So anyways, that is 10lbs in a month.. not damn bad assuming is mostly fat.
    Damn, that's pretty good considering you're keeping your strength up. I'd think that as hard as you're training, you're pumping out cortisol, especially during those long sub wrestling sessions, so the 7-OH should help. The cissus sounds great as far as joint pain, are you noticing any pump from it?

  4. Totally, i get a great pump from the cissus I also feel that is it helping me keep my strength and endurance up.

    Woke up today and did a takedown/ground'n'pound class, told myself i was going to take the day off but it looked like fun!

    took measurments, abdomen is down a full inch, and chest is up a little bit.. dont know why, but im liking it!

    Inject again tommorow.. oh yeah my quad got a little bit sore last night, but felt better after i massaged it for a bit.

  5. Ok my fight is on!!! im fighting some guy with a 1-1 record but i hear his gym is a joke so i should be able to sub him out no prob. im pretty stoked, that means the training goes into high gear now, im not gonna **** around and just going to go with 600mg per week of 7OH.

    gotta run

  6. Ok so i kinda took the weekend off, i got trashed saturday night, then ate a bunch of crap sunday night at a friends Bday party.

    Starting today there is no more days off (diet wise) i have lowered my carb count a bit as well.

    I can really feel the 7OH calming me down, i feel so much less stressed than when i started. Also my appetite has been reduced a great deal as well.

  7. Ok, took a quick measurement and the abdomen tape measure is down 1/2"
    waist is the same, and honestly i dont know how much i have to lose on my waist, i have a very thick truck. lots of core muscle there, not much fat.

    took time off work to train for fight, new schedule is as follows

    M: 11:00 - conditioning - 45mins
    12:00 sub wrestling - 1.5 hours
    7:00 sub wrestling - 1.5 hours
    T: 11:00 15mins bag work - 30 mins running
    12:00 - MMA class
    5:30 - takedown class
    7:00 - boxing class
    W (repeat monday)
    T(repeat tuesday xcept thai boxing and sparring for last 2 classes)
    F(repeat monday)
    S 12:00ish sparring
    S rest

    its pretty intense, i hope i live through it. If i wasent on stuff like 7OH and cissus id probaly end looking like a starving ethiopian.

  8. Holy ****, man, isn't that around 20 hours of training a week or so?!? Fcking hardcore - on one hand I envy you for being able to take that much time for training, but on the other hand...damn that sounds hard! Wrestling/takedown really taxes my CNS, kicks my ass. So how close are you to making your weight? Make sure you get exta cals for that new schedule, you're gonna need it!

  9. Yeah i felt like hell today after yesterdays takedown class, holy crap i felt like falling asleep during wreslting today, that being said i feel like a tank even when im tired, it is forcing my technique to be really good, and it is GETTING really good.

    Yeah im taking tonights class off because my shoulder was killing me after todays class, it feels like the cissus cant keep up with the abuse im doing to my body haha

    doing another shot of 7OH today, left glute this time.

    I made a bad mistake last night and promised to be DD for some freinds last night and got to bed late and didnt eat well enough last night, thats probably why i felt so crappy this morning, i need to eat more!

    so glad i dont have to work for the next little bit

  10. Ok i have been overtraining myself.. have had to take some classes off, and will be taking this weekend off,
    not much to report, i have felt really bad lately.. tired all the time.. so i put the diet on hold and started to eat more food, i will continue to take this weekend off and hopefully go hard starting monday,
    As of monday i will have 2 more weeks of hard training, then 1 week of light training leading up to the fight, then i go and kick ass.

    im out, have a good weekend all

  11. Ah what a good weekend, i feel much better today after chilling and partying all weekend. Didint gain any weight even though i wasent really watching what i ate.

  12. I may be fighting for the ICAF lightheavyweight championship title.. sweet!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Kristopher
    I may be fighting for the ICAF lightheavyweight championship title.. sweet!
    Kick ass, hope that pans out for you. You'll have to weigh in under 205 for that, right? Are you liking the 7-OH?

  14. Yeah i will have to be at 205.

    7OH is working nicely, i am noticing that i am way more sore than normal, one of the side effects. I also am way less stressed, and less catabolic.. appetite reduced. this **** is the ****.

    2 weeks until i fight.. The real training starts next week

  15. I fight in 9 days, next week i will only be doing light pad work and running
    no more sparring or any intense cardio.. i feel like i have peaked.. my timing is good
    my instincts are on, im ready to fight!
    Weighing in around 209-210 every morning depending on what i ate the night before..
    i moved out of the gym so my diet has been a little touch and go the last few days.

    i look good, except for all the loose skin around my stomach.. but i cant do much about that

    still keeping on the 7OH and cissus

  16. Good deal, your weight's on target, should be cake to drop 5 lbs. of water for weigh-in. Sounds like you've got a good PMA too, time to relax and recup for the next week. Will there be video of the fight? Pics? It would be cool to have those to post up, as it seems we're getting quite a little MMA thing going on here at AM.

  17. Yeah i will see if my teammates can get pics during the fight, there will be an official dvd coming out after the fights i think

    Some news, turns out i have to weigh in the same day i fight, that sucks ass.
    regardless, i will just carb deplete and cut water if i have too, i really hope that this does not affect my ability to fight.

    1 last session of sparring today with some former fighters, going to go 6 5 minute rounds just for fun. Then on monday and wednesday i run, and tuesday i do padwork and bagwork.

    Cant wait for this to be over with so i can take a break and start lifting again.


  18. Ok i forgot to aspirate and when i pulled the needle out blood started pouring out of the hole, and then i rememberd that i forgot to aspirate, and thought i was about to die.. holy **** i was scared.

    Went for a run today and did some yoga, probably same thing tommorow
    using a different scale now so not sure what my weight is, but i will measure myself tommorow

  19. I leave tommorow, i fight saturday night.. wish me luck

  20. Man, sucks that you have to weigh in the same day. Hopefully you'll have enough time to get rehydrated/carb up after you weigh in. Good luck, kick some ass!

  21. Got to weigh in the night before, was perfect weight.. had lots of time to recover.

    Get to the rules meeting on saturday and find out the scumbag promoter changed my fight to 5 5 minute rounds instead of 3 5 minute rounds. For an amateurs first fight, that is totally absurd.

    Anyways, the guy i fought was pretty big, pretty tough, crazy huge red beard..
    I came out agressive and fought for 5 rounds, at one point i knocked him out with a big right hand, but the ref didnt step in, so i got on him and started punching and basically woke him up and he clinched and stalled till he got his composure back.

    In the end, i gassed out in the fifth round and he ended up mounted on me, i defended his strikes but he jammed hte point of his elbow into my trachea (illegal) and i freaked out and tapped, id rather tap than die of a collapsed throat.
    so i lost

    I had knocked him out and was winning on the cards 3-1 to lose by an illegal move.

    oh well it just makes me want to smash the next guy i fight even more.
    I took a beating in this one, ill attach a pic, the other guy got beat just as bad, if not worse.
    Attached Images Attached Images   

  22. Damn, well first off - good job! - sounds like you had the fight won, and went the 5 rounds. Just stepping in the ring is something to be proud of. That sucks that he won that way, but it happens a lot. Some refs just don't catch things, and some guys will do anything... like you said better to tap in that situation - hell, my trachea is screwed up from being guillotined too much in training, sometimes it catches when I swallow - not something to take a chance on! Good battle wounds too - looks like a car crash! Was this your first fight? If not, how many have you had?

  23. yeah it was my first fight, no one could believe it. My cornerman has had 7 fights and he said i have spent more time in the ring than he has hahah

  24. Well ****, you did great for your first fight! How was it compared to hard sparring? I guess it was intense going full speed, full force, huh? I've never competed, and probably won't - I just don't have the time to train enough to keep myself from just getting trashed in the ring. Next weekend I'll get to see my coach and a couple of guys I train with fight at a little nhb event at a local bar.

  25. Well the mindset is different from hard sparring, it was the first time i have ever actually tried to KO anyone, ususally i am very carefull hitting my sparring partners. Cardio wise, it was very draining, the knees to the body really took a toll on me, going into the fourth and fifth rounds my legs were very very shaky. But it was funny as soon as the bell went at the beginning of each round, i forgot how tired i was and did my best to end the fight every chance i got.

    Im probably going to do a submission tournament in a couple weeks, it will be a nice break and i wont get hit in the face . I hope your teammates do well in their competition, its the most intense sport on the face of this earth, hands down!


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