Fight prep/Cut cycle

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Kristopher
    Thanks, im looking foreward to giving this stuff a shot.

    Weighed in at 225 this morning.. man my weight fluctuates alot..
    Had a awesome workout today, felt really strong in the gym, and for my cardio i alternated 3 minute rounds of jumping rope, shadowboxing and hitting the heavy bag. Did this for about 40 minutes or so, could have gone longer but i had to get ready for work. Diet was spot on today.
    Good deal, sounds like you've got your endurance at a good level, jumping rope kills me! Is your weigh-in the day before your fight, or same day? Will you have time to drop water for weigh in and rehydrate/carb up for the fight?

  2. Weigh in is day before, id rather not have to dehydrate.. im not sure how that would affect my endurance, if i can be around 205 for the fight that would be optimal.

    Weighed in at 224 today, wrestled for about an hour and a half today, rolled with my buddy marty for about 20 minutes straight.. man that was intense, but after i tapped him out i was still good to keep going but he was done, my gas is unreal.. i can just keep going and going!

    had a small peiece of cherry pie at work today.,.. and had a bit extra fat from the steak i had for dinner so i cut back the carbs to compensate. other than that.. everything normal.

    second last 8rep workout tommorow, should be very intense, im really looking foreward to it!

  3. Kris, somebody mentioned ALCAR. The anarchy stack is my personal favorite. Maybe try something like this:

    3-4g ALCAR ED
    2g Green Tea ED
    200-300mg k-rALA 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals

    Good luck cutting!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RobInKuwait
    Kris, somebody mentioned ALCAR. The anarchy stack is my personal favorite. Maybe try something like this:

    3-4g ALCAR ED
    2g Green Tea ED
    200-300mg k-rALA 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals

    Good luck cutting!
    That looks like a sweet stack man.. just need to get some sesathin and green tea

    Weighed in at 224 this morning, had a great lifting session, had a big charlie horse in my quad from yesterdays wrestling, but it didnt interfere with squats (just hurt like a bitch afterwards)

    Only got in 15 minutes of cardio today due to time constraints, o well.

  5. Weighed in at 223-224
    had wrestling, was feeling good but my shoulder started to hurt after about 20 minutes, i iced it and took some ibuprofen, then started rolling again.. BAD IDEA, serious pain

    Not sure what it is, its a tendonitits like pain (maybe thats what it is) but after putting on some cold A535 and elevating it it is feeling better, but i may not do the boxing class tonight, depending on how it feels.

    cant wait till the 7OH gets here, im a poster boy for cortisol.

    no other news.. have the night off, will be going riding for a bit, may go out for dinner tonight

    Edit: went out for dinner with a beautifal woman, had some wine(3 glasses or so), ate some thai food, watched a movie... the thai food wasent really on the diet plan, but i like to enjoy life as it comes.. ah well

    Have my last 8 rep workout tommorow, should be VERY intense, as the one yesterday was hard.. Im pschyed!
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  6. the best fish oil is salmon oil, the others are inferior.

  7. You take it in cap form?

  8. morning weight: 221

    im very pleased, i think im finally uncreatined.. i was pissing like mad all day yesterday (which was my day off) Got a new battery for my fat trackII, this morning it was dead again.. ****ing POS. Anyways got skin caliper readings

    Pec: 11mm
    Ab: 22mm
    thigh: 25mm

    something like 20%BF

    Also went and picked up some fish oil yesterday, how much are you guys taking? im starting with 3g a day, 1g waking, one with mid meal and one at night.

    ALso, another reason for my water loss might be that i had started taking E-Form to reduce estrogen, unfortunately most of the powder had come out of the solution and after 3 days or so of dosing there is now sludge all in the bottom of the bottle. and the thing is clogged with it, i tried to heat it in a water bath and shake lots, but that didnt really do anything.., what a piss off.

    Hey avant guys, whats up with this? (in retrospect i guess dermabolics owns this stuff now)

    Anyways, had wrestling today, shoulder started to ache again, so i took some time off after warming it up, then did tech then rolled again and it felt fine. Not much pain.

    Things are coming along nicely, im hungry alot, but whatever.. EC helps with that.
    Took measurements again today, ill enter them in mybodycomp and see what it says.

    cant wait for the 7oh to get in, still havent ordered pins yet, am getting 23g 1" and 23g 1.5",
    quick question, should i be using the 1.5 for the quads?


  9. I usually take 6-9g/day of fish oil, 2-3 caps at a time. If you can afford it, you may want to increase the dose. Glad your shoulder feels better, but be careful with it, once you hurt it, it can take you out of training for a while. I'm not sure about the pins, but I'd think you could use 1.5 for the quads also and just not go as deep as glutes (assuming the 1.5 are intended for glutes). I'm definitely interested to see how the 7-OH goes, it sounds good.

  10. about the fish oil, just wondering what brand you buy because it seems kind of expensive to take 6-9g per day.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by cable626
    about the fish oil, just wondering what brand you buy because it seems kind of expensive to take 6-9g per day.
    I just buy it from walmart, not sure of the brand, it's a white bottle with a green cap. I get the 'extra strength'. It's usually pretty fresh. I always cut open a cap when I open a bottle to make sure it's not rancid, and store it in the fridge. If I eat salmon or take a dose of flax oil that day, I'll only take 6 pills. It's probably cheaper to buy online, but last time I tried that, the bottle was rancid, so I stick to buying it locally now.

  12. Day 12:

    Morning weight - 219/220

    Scale was hovering between 219 and 220..
    In the mirror, im looking leaner all over, my abs are starting to show when i flex them (a first for me) and my obliques are pronounced when i flex them. My back has been defined for a while, but its looking better and better, muscle separation more pronounced in shoulders and arms.

    Been sticking to the diet really well lately which is why im getting such good results haha.
    Woke up today and it feels like i have a minor cold coming on, started megadosing liquid echinacea.

    Taking this week off my HST program, will do some heavy explosive OLY type lifts instead on workout days, folowed by cardio. I have to go away this weekend and part of next week so my workouts would be intterupted, i would rather just start the 5 rep phase when i get back and have my schedule normal again.

    Fixed my eform (kinda) by adding it to this old bottle of (something) in one of curt2go's bottles, there was only 2 or 3 oz of whatever was in there (bought it second hand, not sure what it was, think it was t1pro) so i added the eform in there and heated and shook it, well the powder still hasent dissolved, but i can use a oral syringe to dose it and its more of a suspension now. So now i may be getting a low dose of 1t/4ad as well... not sure if this is a good thing or bad.. i think i may just say **** it and use all that during my next 1t/4ad cycle. dammit all i wanted was some mild anti-e

    well, time to go lift then do cardio.

  13. didnt lift, just did cardio for about 35 minutes, built up a good sweat for sure.

    Day went well, except after work my boss bought my some drinks (3 rum and coke) and i couldent really refuse. bah oh well, start fresh tommorow.

  14. had to stop wrestling after about 10 minutes because my shoulder/elbow was in extreme amounts of pain

    im gonna try out this cissusRX stuff synergy muscle is offering, man ill pay anything for this pain to go away

    edit: ok so im a sucker for pain, i popped another ibuprofen, and after the pain faded away to a minor ache, i did
    some technique, then rolled again for about 35 minutes, just took it nice and easy.. i notice after the shoulder warms up (and hte ibuprofen is in full blast) it dosent feel too bad.. i dont have as much strength though.

    Anyways, gonna order some cissus ASAP and see if its a good as people say.

  15. Day 14: Morning weight 219

    It looks like i have to go out of town for a few days as of tommorow. This will probably be a good thing for healing my shoulder, but bad in terms of diet.. ill try and keep it clean and protein high.. but im probably gonna gain some weight back (or lose muscle) whatever.

    Just did cardio today, also laid off the shadowboxing, as that seems to aggravate the shoulder more than bag work. Was a bad boy and had 2 peices of flax bread with a banana and 2 tblsp of peanut butter after work today..

    The only excersize i will probably get in the next 5 days will be maybe 2 wrestling classes (not here) looking foreward to a break from the routine though.

    till later..

    edit: oh by the way, my libido has been seriously ape****(excessive) recently.. basically ever since i added the fish oil.. weird

  16. Got back home tonight after being on the road for basically the last 5 days.
    Didnt eat great while on the road, tried to keep it clean, only ate crap for 2 meals (one was beer and pizza, the other was burger and fries) ah well it was a vacation so i wasnet too anal about my diet (as much as i wanted to be)

    Last night went out with a buddy for drinks, and Edited by Matthew D.. Had the best sleep of my life and woke up looking lean as i have ever looked haha.

    Weighed in at 220, after a day of eating.. so im not sure what ill weigh tommorow morning, it could be that the few days of plus calories boosted my metabolism.
    wrestled tonight after 5 days off, felt as good as ever, minus a bit of cardio.. nothing major though, the shoulder is feeling temporarily better. Well see what its like after i lift.

  17. Kristopher as much as I would like to hear about your cycle I would like it if you left out the drugs that will bring more attention to the board...

  18. Yeah sorry about that, i was pretty tired when i wrote that, not thinking *clearly*

    On a more positive note, my order from 1fast came in today, stocked up on L-tyrosine again, as well as the K-rala, and about 150g of citruilline malate.. Im gonna save that for the last 2 weeks leading up to the fight.

    Used K-rala for the first time today, with my meals about 500mg.. The first time i took it i waited a little while before i ate just to gauge its effects.. started feeling lightheaded a bit, but i was hungy so i didnt wait any longer

    Forgot to weigh in the morning, didnt work out today, next monday i start a new HST cycle, i decided to take a 2 week deconditioning rest instead of the 5 rep portion due to my traveling. Will be doing 12, 10, 8, 6 reps then a rest.. I really like HST and although its not specifically for gaining strength i have gained lots of it while lifting HST style, of course im sure i would regardless of lifting style.

    over and out for now

  19. Day 23: Morning weight 218

    Been using the K-Rala, noticed that i feel my blood sugar is more stable throughout the day, i like it!

    Did some kickboxing today for about 45 minutes.. My arms/shoulders were/are really sore afterwards, so i decided not to roll afterwards.

    things going well, nothing much to report other than i am going to need to find something to get rid of this loose skin on my stomach (ew)

  20. Day 25: morning weight 220

    Slight fluctuation, probably because i took a couple days off and havent been lifting lately. Will be starting to lift again starting tommorow.

    Joe Doerksen (won his UFC fight last weekend) just started training us here at evolution MMA, he is awesome, im going to get so much better..

    Anyways i will be doing cardio before lifting on tuesday/thursday, then lifting alone on saturday i think.

    still waiting on the 7-OH, but i havent ordered pins yet so it dosent really matter. Looked at pics of myself before i moved here and of me now, damn huge difference.


  21. Day 27

    Shoulder is starting to hurt again, started taking cissus RX 3 days ago, seems to be helping in the pain killing department a little bit, well see what happens.

    7-OH showed up, just waiting on pins now, diet remaining good, still using EC stack 2-3x a day.

    things going well. will update later.

  22. The cissus is really improving life for me, im back training hard, and will start lifting again next week with my coach, will be switching to a strength program from the mass building HST i was using, i was really likeing HST but my coach dosent really wanna gain weight.

    Have stopped watching my weight as much, which is nice because i get anal when i watch it too much, will weigh in and take measurments again tommorow morning.

    Im stoked to start taking 7-OH, i have been liking the K-RALA it helps me keep stable blood sugar levels.. makes me feel better all around.

    diet has been good except last night i had a few nachos at work with cheese, bad me! could have been worse, im sure i still didnt go over my calorie level for the day.

  23. Good job keeping the log updated. Glad to hear the cissus is working, I'll have to keep that in mind. What kind of strength based training are you going to do? I guess you really can't afford to gain even muscle until your fight in June? That's great that you've got Joe Doerksen there now, have you rolled with him yet?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by intv
    Good job keeping the log updated. Glad to hear the cissus is working, I'll have to keep that in mind. What kind of strength based training are you going to do? I guess you really can't afford to gain even muscle until your fight in June? That's great that you've got Joe Doerksen there now, have you rolled with him yet?
    Yeah joe is amazing, i outweigh him by about 15lbs but it dosent matter, he toys with me unless i go balls out, and even then all i can do is prolong the inevitable.
    In his gaurd i feel like im floating, and when hes on top he makes it seem like you can get away, then all the sudden your being armbarred or choked out!
    im excited to see how much better i get by training with him.

    I have become a believer in cissus, im glad i got 4 bottles, this stuff is as good as gold.

    I can afford to gain muscle as long as my fat loss stay constant, on my lowered calorie diet im sure gaining muscle will be difficult though.

  25. Day 30: Morning weight 216

    I was really suprised to see the scale so low, i took measurments today.


    I suck at using the fat track, i need practice.

    Waist: -2.4'
    Abdomen: -.5'
    Chest: -2.4'
    Shoulders: -1'
    neck: -.5'
    arm: -.5'

    So.. yeah, inches off waist = good, inches off shoulders and arm and neck = bad
    Cant wait to get the pins so i can get some 7OH into me and stop losing muscle


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