may cycle - test en,adrol, tren

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  1. Joints are killin me!!!!!! still up a total of about 7-8 pounds

  2. Quote Originally Posted by realsoundjim
    Joints are killin me!!!!!! still up a total of about 7-8 pounds
    Try adjusting your workouts, and maybe take in some extra fats such as flax oil. Log is looking good.

  3. 4 weeks in and blowing WAYYYYYY past personal records i set at the END of my last cycle

  4. up another pound from last weigh in so far a total of about 8or 9 pounds. will be dropping the adrol in 4 days . the test should be starting to vamp up now. in 3 weeks will start oral administration of the fina. one side note, with the adrol i was expecting much more water weight. i was under the impression that from that alone i would be up about 12-15 pounds in 4 weeks on it. however i am only up 8 or 9. i must say the strength gains have been incredible though, as well as body composition. i dfenitely look a heel of a lot thicker even though the scale has only risen 9 pounds. anyways, maybe i should be happy that my body didnt put on much water bloat anyways. i'll keep all posted as things progress i love it when a cycle begins to take full effect.

  5. dropped the adrol

  6. Awesome results bro! Just wondering though, can you give us a rough idea of how good the strength gains are? Good luck with the rest of your cycle.

  7. hmmmm well as stated b4 all records from the last week of my PREVIOUS cycle have been completely BLOWN AWAY. I have exceeded them - and i aint even half way done with this cycle. so i am defnitely happy. I dont keep much track of the actual numbers of weights cuz i just been throwin more and more weight on, but lets just say that everytime i go and do an excersize, i just keep throwin weight on that i DONT THINK I CAN POSSIBLY DO, and then i bust out 8 reps like nothing. Like i said, i am very happy
    ill try to get progress pics soon

  8. ok at week 7 noticeably bigger fuller, YET LEANER, since coming off adrol. strength is wayyyyyy up. test i think is really coming around......libido is insanely nuts. like you dont even know lololol so far im up 10 pounds, whichis just ok, but im hoping for more. next week i will introduce the fina. will keep u posted

  9. the scale seems to be stuck the past week or 2, but im noticeably getting bigger, which is weird to me. more defined muscle definition as well. im a firm believe in listnening to the mirror and not the scale, but damn, i was hopin to see the scale jump just a bit more by now. anyways, everyone keeps askin me if im on something, which is a compliment in and of itself. tomorow im starting the oral fina. i will take 380-400 mgs per day (18-20 pellets) assuming its 20% bioavailabilty that will give me 75-80 mgs per day swimming in my body for the next 6 1/2 weeks. cant wait for this leg of the cycle. will keep u posted

  10. update: ok, well first off i want to say i will have pics up next week. as for progress..... the past 2 weeks or so ive been battling some **** behind my left bipple with 50-60 mg's/day of nolva. nothing major but im tryin to wipe it out. sux though. anyways, since being on the tren and dropping the adrol i have noticed some major cuttage. There is no bloat whatsoever and my definition is defnitley awesome. the scale has actually gone down 2 pounds, but im not mad about that because i got my stomach back!!! lol arms, abs, shoulders everything is looking shredded and i am going to attest this to the tren i believe.
    o , and in case anyone is wondering about my diet since the begining of cycle i have been eating very clean and taking about 220 grams protein per day. wen i say clean... i mean i am eating fish 1-2x per day at least 4 days per week. fish is very healthy and high in protein so i think this is what is helping me maintain and grow muscle while not putting fat on.

    Anyways, do i want the scale to move more.....sure...... am i mad that it hasnt ..... no. i understand what is happening. I feel that the tren is making me lose the any lil bit of fat i have left lol. and also, being that ive been takin nolva for 2 weeks, that would hinder my gains a little bit as well. other than these things though, i am happy. like i said before i will defnitely post some good pics for u guys to critique i am very happy

  11. if you still have probs with the bump u might try arimidex its stronger and use about .5cc or .5mg and this should take care of the prob if not up the dose to that max of 1mg but shouldnt need that much let us know how it goes

  12. some pics.....
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  13. how much more of the cycle you got left?

  14. practically done

  15. Quote Originally Posted by realsoundjim
    some pics.....
    bro, you need to eat something or you're going to get so skinny you're going to dissapear


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