My First Tren a sust 250 cycle, does it look ok?

  1. My First Tren a sust 250 cycle, does it look ok?

    Hi everyone, have been a big fan of AM and have been learning a lot from u all. I m planning on doing a tren a sust 250 cycle as my 4th cycle (50mc tren a 40mcg sust ed) for 12 or 16 weeks and planning on adding winny or tren a to the end of the cycle to cut and start my pct.
    My stats are: 38 years old, 205lbs, 17% bf, 6.2, have been lifting for 8 years and did osta and andromass and test e cycles before with nice results. (On osta put like 8lbs in 6 weeks, andro about 17lbs in 2 months both shut me down and killed libido,test 20lb in 4 months, did torem pct for all)

    For the cycle I ve adex for cycle for ai (.5 eod), clen (100/100/75/50 ed) also for pct, ordering also taurine for backbumps, have cycle support in hand, planning to get hcg also just in case (250*2 a week). Prami ll be ordered for prolactin problems (.25mg ed).
    3 to 5g taurine daily. Besides all 2g preworkout sups for lathergy, fishoils and glucosamine for joints, s$*t ton of vitamines, bcaa, for pct daa and zma some other test booster named activate xtreme. If I can I ll try to get t-bol for the first 3 weeks (20*2 ed) some liver protection and cq10 also ll be collected. Now my question is should I start sust 250 before and bulk first then add tren in the last 2 months to cut or start them all together, keep sust higher dose to bulk altho it means worse sides from tren if test is higer then tren dosage. if I do sust before for 2 months and add tren later I m thinking to keep the cycle 4 months. if I start together it ll be 12 weeks. Thanks and my respects for all the help you guys ll provide from now. Peace.

  2. Anyone?

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