Injectable B-Complex log

  1. Injectable B-Complex log

    Well, weird thread, weird thing to do so maybe some people would like to follow this.

    So my multi dose vial contains the following per cc:
    Thiamine Disulfide Nitrate 20mg (B1)
    Riboflavine 5mg (B2)
    Nicotinamide 60mg (B3)
    Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 20mg (B5)
    Pantothenate 20mg (B6)
    Hydroxocobalamin 200 μg (B12)

    I will be taking 0.5cc, every day and taken pre-training on days I train.
    There is loads of evidence out there on the benefits of supraphysiological doses of B-Vitamins, so if interested look them up. It's common for throwers in particular to utilise these injections.

    So anything I notice really, I will add it here. My b-vitamin levels are all within range, but there is some evidence the ranges are in fact incorrect. Paleolithic man ate 50-100g of fibre a day apparently so that is a crazy amount of b-vitamins we grew up on.

  2. well taking this at 16:15 at work, training at 17:00
    normally tired this time of day, woke me up pretty instantly, very weird like sudden energy

    not like taking a stimulant either, you just wake up

  3. in 2 follow

  4. well this definitely increases my training capacity. I just feel like I recover a lot better from set to set. Don't get out of breath as easy. Not sure if stopping treatment will remove this benefit though- I suspect there is a "saturation dose" and it would remain elevated for quite some time

    here is a recent PB. 2x3x240kg block deadlifts. weight was 69kg

  5. How's it going with the injectable vitamin B12?

  6. Subbed. Will be taking injectable B12 as part of TRT protocol starting next month.

  7. Wouldn't taking the vitamins orally have the same effect if there is a saturation taking place?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by 87f View Post
    Wouldn't taking the vitamins orally have the same effect if there is a saturation taking place?
    The way it was explained to me is that B12 is absorbed into the bloodstream at the very end of the small intestines thus very little of the oral dose is delivered. It's best to inject to properly deliver to the body. I haven't verified this doctor's advice though.

  9. Hmmm that is interesting!
    Wonder if slower digesting packaging would help it all.

  10. What about sublingual?

  11. Bro, are you still taking vitamin b12 injections?
    What's your long term experience with it performence wise?

  12. I take b12 all the time, its great has alot of benefits to the body, short term you will feel a difference in a better mood and more rested sleeps and more energy within the first few days. Alot of good long term effects also, more red blood cells, prevents cells from breaking down, helps burn fat, healthier bowls, helps with depression, insomnia.. I can go on its a must vitamin in which the body cant seem to get enough of. And also makes harsh injectables like suspention and winnie alot smoother to take.. Cant go wrong with b12...

  13. I also use b-12 twice a week but a few places in Cali been on back order for a few months. So I been dry.

  14. Same here.. Alberta has been low on stock since christmas 2013 .. Havn't been able to find it in stores but there are a few websites that still have stock and you can just order it online.


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