Lean cut and Pbold cut

  1. Lean cut and Pbold cut

    Lean cut and Pbold Cut cycle

    Tomoz i will be starting my cycle i will be doing a leancut and pbold 6 week cycle cut/recomp (more so cut) I am wanting to drop as much bf% as possible, but maintain or gain mass, here are my stats;

    BF% 12.3% according to electronic scales, according to calipers im around 11%
    previous cycles; Bulk Up, super dmz2, sten-zine/stano

    Lifts(i am recovering from injury so i expect this lifts will go up a lot, also number may be a bit off compared to each other, just been careful with my lifts)
    Bench Press-1x130kg/286lb
    Squat- 1x140ish/308lb (doesnt feel good on my shoulder atm)

    I will be incorparting HIIT into my routines(sledge hammer hits, heavy medballs, band sprints etc) i normally train pretty hard anyway(30-45seconds rest between sets)

    Monday- Legs/rotator cuff
    Tuesday- Back
    Wednesday- Chest/HIIT
    Thursday- Deadlift and chin up day/lagging muscle work
    Friday-Shoulders/arms/rotator cuff
    Saturday- HIIT

  2. Day 1- will weigh in and measure bf% weekly
    Dosed 2 lean cut in morning/ 2ml pbold in morning/afternoon/dinner (**** pbold taste bad!)
    10x10 Leg Extension
    4x10 Squats ATG (i use about an inch matt to rest my heels on and it allows me to go very deep without comprimising form or back)
    3x10 Leg Press
    10x10 Seated Leg Curl
    4x10 RDL
    Hip Adbuctor/Adductor superset 4x25/25
    Face Pull/db lateral to front raise(so raise to the side then while keeping them up bring to front of body then lower down) 3x12
    various band rotator stuff (pull aparts in front/behind/high/low etc)

    I love me so volume on legs, felt great i felt energised, but i did take a preworkout i expect i wont notice any results til atleast a week in

    As for breakfast i always just had oats and honey, i never had any protein in there... what do you guys suggest? this morning i just had a casein protein shake with a greens super formula in it... i dont really want to use my more expensive wpi, and not sure how to cook eggs if im going to have them seperatly or if i should just drink 2 or something haha

  3. Subbed.

    Great line-up....good luck!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Cordeen View Post

    Great line-up....good luck!
    yay i didnt think anyone would follow haha

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