6th week of Test Prop cycle (400mg/wk)

  1. 6th week of Test Prop cycle (400mg/wk)

    I'm in the 6th week of my Test Prop 400mg/wk cycle. About mid last week my right nipple has become very sensitive and has gotten a little worse.. I did get a little bit of gyno in my right nipple during my last cycle of only Sustanon which I thought I had cleared up with some letro. Maybe this could be a flair up of the same gyno before? This time it feels like there's a sensitive pea-sized mass right under and below my nipple, whereas before it was a larger lump and it was more lateral. I made the mistake of not running an AI during my Sus cycle but I made sure to run Arimidex this time at .5 eod. What are some of your opinions of what I should do? Bump up the Arimidex, run some letro or just drop the whole cycle all together? Thanks


  2. I would bump up the adex to ED for a week or two, than see what happens.
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  3. Also with Test it's pretty simple to run a SERM as they are very selective and can in fact stop gyno all the while not killing estrogen too much and better for lipids.

  4. Thanks for your help.. I've been running adex 0.5mg per day for about 4 days. My right nipple is still very tender, if not more. Also the lump seems a littler bigger, maybe that's in my head though.. Should I start the letro? Thought to be honest I would have no idea how to dose it, being at this stage in my cycle and with the fact that I'm already running adex. When I used letro previously I did it according to the tapering up/down method.



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