2nd cycle plan, AI question

  1. 2nd cycle plan, AI question

    Planning out my 2nd cycle for March. Almost have everything together.Cycle will be 12 weeks sustanon, 10 weeks Deca. Sustanon 750mg per week, Deca 400mg per week. Am planning on running HCG weeks 3 to 12, 500UI per week. Have Clomid, Nolvadex for PCT.One question I have is, how do you guys decide on how much AI to use? I have liquid Stane on hand for an AI (Aromasin). First cycle I used 12.5mg every day. Shed water like crazy and no problems with sides, but I think I dried myself out to much. Got rid of to much E. Joints hurt end of cycle. I'm very paranoid about Gyno, but also understand getting rid of to much E will inhibit gains. Should I go with every other day and see how that works?Thoughts, opinions?James

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  3. Use the standard .5mg adex eod or even 12.5mg exem eod. If your nips hurt raise it if your joints hurt lower if. I'm not a fan of exem because of its short half life in men, that's why I recommend adex. Also, liquid caber is unstable get either legit pharma caber or research pramipexole to control prolactin if needed (leaky nips, no wood)
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  4. So do you think perhaps 25mg ED of the aromasin? I haven't heard of caber before. Can I get away with just using the aromasin?
    also have nolvadex for pct

  5. did you read anything written? is english your first language? i know theres a lot of middle easterners up there in ontario, i want to make sure this is a comprehension problem before i light the torch and start flaming. i think you need to do a ton of research. i give you an aromasin dose, you freaking triple it. its not recommended to use nolvadex with a 19nor. its recommended to know what to take to combat prolactin sides on a 19nor cycle. I'm not going to spell this crap out for you. if someone else does, so be it. i find it not worth my time to help someone that wont help themselves. /unsubscribe thread
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

  6. Aromasin

    Hey you don't have to be a jerk about it. I am trying to help myself. That's why I'm on here asking questions and trying to learn BEFORE I mess with my hormones and start the cycle. I've never done Deca before. I can get a hold of Prami if need be before I start. Don't know much about it as my first cycle was just test and d-bol.
    I thought you were talking about Arimidex, rather than aromasin. aren't they slightly different? I understand how to use the aromasin, if nips hurt and to bloated, up the dose, if joints hurt, decrease it. Got it
    to bad you have anger issues. Don't you think it's a little unnessecary to rip on me this way. The slogan for the sight is to Learn, Teach, Lead. I can only hope one day to as informed and knowledgable as you.

    Merry Christmas by the way!!!


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