5th cycle, test P, tren A, test E, tren E

  1. 5th cycle, test P, tren A, test E, tren E

    I am 5'10" 185lbs 10%bf 30yrs old, this will be my fifth cycle.I am going to run my cycle like this:
    1-4weeks 100mg testP
    1-4weeks 300mg tren A
    1-12 weeks 400mg trenE
    1-14 weeks 100mg test E
    Arimidex .25mg eod week 1-14
    The reason I run test low is to minimize estrogen will taking tren, less chance of gyno.
    Pct - nolvadex week 16-24: 40mg for first two weeks then 20mg week 24. Thinking of using hcg
    For pct also.i have no dostinex on hand, can't find it in canada. Any ideas or changes to make this cycle better please send suggestions. Thx.
    I will keep everyone updated on my progress.

  2. Always dig the lower test/high tren cycles...looks pretty good. I'd throw in some caber though for prolactin issues. Regardless of your AI.

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