23 years old, 5'8, 5'8, 180lbs 4th cycle

Last cycle looked like this: Test E @ 500mg a week for 14 weeks, Deca @ 250mg 14 weeks, Dbol at 50mg a day for 4 weeks, Nolva 40/20/10/10

Recovered well. Natural test actually didn't take to long to come back. Libido was still good and everything so overall im happy with that cycle.


Getting blood work done soon and then

I'm looking to step it up as I have the genetics, my diet is spot on and will be looking at my food as the main source of bulk! Looking to make some serious gain before I compete next August and looking to try some different compounds.

PS, I'm Canadian hope anyone reading this will represent!

Here's what I've wanted to incorporate into my new cycle.

Test E @ 750mg/week for 14 weeks
Deca @ 250mg (no change) for 14 weeks
Dbol @ 50mg/week (no change) for 4 weeks
Tren not sure which one though, ace/6weeks (shorter ester I'm assuming) E/12weeks (longer lasting ester), or "tri" ?/weeks. I'm very curious about the tri version, if anyone could describe the difference that would be greatly appreciated.

and last but not least, I'm unsure if I should include this. But I plan on including Test Prop @100mg Mon/Wed/Fri for the first seven weeks.

Also plan on running Nolva for 40/20/1010 Arimidex on hand
And HcG @ 1000iu week

I should note that Test E worked great on my last cycle and that's why I'm including it in this cycle. Dbol worked great as well. The Deca worked awesome to my strength went through the roof.

Now, I'm looking at Tren because I want that extra push, and I'm looking at test prop for the kick start of the test. Was also considering Anadrol instead of dbol at same dosaging

Please add your thoughts and help a guy get huge!

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