Epistane first cycle

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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and be the guy that let's you know.

    Having your buddies hand time you on concrete is not accurate at all. Go get a laser time at a combine and then you can post that on here.
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  2. 4.0 my ass dude. bo jackson and deon sanders were 4.2's. marquese goodwin is a 4.17 40 and he's an olympic sprinter.
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

  3. thats like 110speed in madden

  4. Not to mention horrible running form. Fix that and you'll be a 3.8!!!!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by stassb13 View Post
    Hey guys, i bought some epistane recently, figured a mild ph with minimal sides would be perfect for my goals. This next part will shock most of you and will cause you to think I'm a stupid teenager trying to get big with no prior exp but just trust me, i know what im doing. Ive been around these things and dealing them since i was 13 and finally started working out and using them myself. I played highschool football, i was a cornerback, safety, linebacker and nose gaurd. I am now playing football for Syracuse university and need this boost for the coming up pre-season starting in July. This is going to be my second ph cycle. Some background info, I'm 18, 5'6. 165lbs. Fast as hell. Ran a 4.9 40 yard dash. Would like to reach 200lbs by July. Working out for 4 years, went crazy with it for the past 2 years. I believe I'm ready for my next cycle. I ran M1t for 5 weeks gained 30 lbs. This was about 8 months ago. Just want some feedback on the cycle I have planned this time.

    Epistane (6 weeks)

    Nolva 40/20/20
    Hawthorne berries
    Fish Oil
    Valerian roots

    Just trying to get cut for the summer while throwing on a few more pounds. I do not expect to gain over 10 lbs however expect large increases in vascularity, definition and hardness.I don't need the "too young" bull****. I think with the right PCT, the gains from my epi will outweigh its long term risks. If all goes well and as planned I am going to be taking another ph in May. Extensive research, doctor visits, and experience have been achieved through the previous years encouraging me to take all the necessary precautions In my power to maintain the overall well being of my health.

    Random info: My workout buddy is 6'2 250lbs, 21 years old and pumping test c 250mg a week epi 30 mg a day sd 10 mg a day winny 20 mg a day and anavar 20 mg a day. He's crazy! Well, let me know what you guys think and any adjustments that.should be made I will take into consideration. Thanks.
    Lol you're an idiot. I almost think you're trolling. 4.9 second 40, 5'7, and 165 pounds? You don't play college football. Those sound like the stats of a high school freshman football player. You need to eat more is what you need to do.

  6. At 5'6'' inches you better be a big bulky running back. And 4.9 40 is slow as hell. I'd consider 4.4 or better to be fast as hell... Cuse is got alot better recruites than what ur saying.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by superbeast668 View Post
    4.0 my ass dude. bo jackson and deon sanders were 4.2's. marquese goodwin is a 4.17 40 and he's an olympic sprinter.
    Yeah theres no way in hell he runs a 4 flat. I don't even know if thats possible. Goodwin ran a 4.32 same as Tavon Austin...Whats ur name kid? I live in Cuse

  8. Just another insecure manlet.


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