Epistane first cycle

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  1. At 5'6'' inches you better be a big bulky running back. And 4.9 40 is slow as hell. I'd consider 4.4 or better to be fast as hell... Cuse is got alot better recruites than what ur saying.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by superbeast668 View Post
    4.0 my ass dude. bo jackson and deon sanders were 4.2's. marquese goodwin is a 4.17 40 and he's an olympic sprinter.
    Yeah theres no way in hell he runs a 4 flat. I don't even know if thats possible. Goodwin ran a 4.32 same as Tavon Austin...Whats ur name kid? I live in Cuse

  3. Just another insecure manlet.


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