Test and Dbol Vs just test?

  1. Question Test and Dbol Vs just test?

    Hello all! first post but long time reader. these last few months i have been piecing together my first cycle. All the needs and wants to keep this a safe cycle. my mind is set on JUST test nothing else but i have a learning question.

    I know how dbol affects you and its a good oral to some but why use it with test? Orals hurt your liver to a point and lets say i have taken two test only cycles and gained each 20lbs off of them which is unlikely to the extreme, but what would benifit from adding dbol next cycle? would your gains magicly shoot up to 30? i dont think so from all my research, so why take something that will affect your liver?

    Thanks for all your great knowledge and responses. Even if i was never going to cycle in my life i find this field of bodybuilding intresting.

  2. The reason dbols added as a kicker to a cycle is because test e and c really takes around 4-5 weeks to get the full benefits from it where as added dbol from the start you can really start gaining in the first week.

  3. yeah what he said. You could use something like test P in place of it if you're concenred though.
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  4. These guys said it, but just to elaborate a bit.... Since test e won't start to show much physical effects (outside of libido) until week 5 it's not uncommon to stack a very fast acting oral for the first 2 to 5 weeks. Dbol and SD are probably the most popular though some are successful with Epi or DMZ as well.

    The benefit is realized when you gain 5-10 lbs in the 1st 5 weeks from the oral and then add the extra 10-20 lbs over the next 10 to 12 weeks. The logic is based in gaining for the entire cycle instead of just the last 2/3 of the cycle.

    Could that extra oral bit net you an additional 10 lbs? Not likely but maybe... you have to factor in lift history, genetics, diet, routine, cycle history, length of cycle and pct.
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

  5. thanks! thats what i was so wondering about. will it affect gains that will benifit more than the side affects! I dont think ill be touching orals for a while ive made it to 200lbs at 5'10 naturally I think if i have good gains from just Test why not repeat it over again after my off time is up in th future. one thing ive learned from a few guys at my gym who cycle. steroids are a marathon not a sprint. Thanks! once i learn how to rep ill def rep you!

  6. Make sure you have a solid 4 week SERM (Torem, Clomid, Nolva) based PCT and a parma grade A.I. (Letro) in hand before your first pin.
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

  7. First thing I got! nolvadex (standard 40/40/20/20), just picked up some PES erase from my gym the owner had some on sale the orginal stuff and letrozole for any sign of gyno! I have DAA but dont know if ill use it maybe just a little... rather be safe than sorry!


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