Let's say, hypothetically there was a fellow had previously done 1 cycle of Epi for 6 weeks @ 30mg a few years ago and had so so results...

Let's say, hypothetically that this same fellow was itching for another run, wanting to get stronger, maybe hit some PRs, put on a decent amount
of muscle, and had a stash consisting of:

4 bottles of SD
2 bottles of M-Sten
2 bottles of Epi
1 bottle of Stano-200 (enough only for 4 weeks @ 600, or 400/600/600/800)
... Let's say the SD are the oldest in the stash, and the user might want to start dropping the local shoebox's SD population, but it isn't imperative.

And for supplements he had:

2 bottles of Organ Shield
1 bottle of Liv 52
1 bottle of Erase
1 bottle of D-Pol
Tons of creatine, BCAAs, fish oil, multivitamins...

Along with:


And maybe a few other things...

If you were this fellow, what might you choose to do?

SD @ 10/15/15/20?


SD @ 10/15/15/20
Stano @ 400/600/600/800


M-Sten @ 12/12/16/16

Or M-Sten w/ Stano

Or, maybe something weird like:

M-Sten @ 8/8/10/10
Epi @ 30/30/30/30/40/40
Stano @ 0/0/600/600/600/600

Or... What other kinda suggestions ya brahs have for me? I know I should have more Stano, but I don't really wanna buy any. I wouldn't mind stacking LMG with any of the above, either, but again, I don't really wanna buy any... But someone might be able to talk me into it. 6 weeks of Epi and 6 weeks of LMG might be pretty awesome, but... This is only my 2nd cycle, and I already have a lot of crap I need to start using. Thoughts?