back story, I go to a anti ageing clinic and he prescribed me some hcg for the atrophy im experiencing right now. this is what the prescription says "HCG 1000 IU. directions for use, 0.3ml subcutaneous injection on days 3 and 5 following test injections. Quantity-10ml vial" talking with the pharmacy people a 10ml vial will only stay fully potent for 1 month ( once mixed) and with my dosage and I should get a 2.5ml vial because i'll only be using a 1/4 of the 10ml vial a month and the rest would go to waste. problem is they are charging 45$ for the 10ml vial and 30$ for the 2.5ml. personally I don't think its worth paying 10 bucks less for a 1/4 of the product, id rather pay the 45$ and just up my dose. my question- what kind of dosage would I need to run a 10ml vial in a month and what ever the dosage is, is it to much? sorry if this is confusing, any help would be appreciated!