Furuza 50 help for friend

  1. Furuza 50 help for friend

    My buddy has "let himself go" so to speak and is looking to get back into the gym and clean up his diet. His main goal is to shred BF and tone up (Yes similar to that of a woman). We used to lift together religiously but he has fallen off the fitness wagon due to the combination of finishing up a Chemistry/Chemical Engineering undergrad, working an office job in the same field, not having a workout partner since we go to different schools, and being lazy. Prior to handling these stressors, he was weighing about 210 pushing low-mid 3s and squatting low-mid 5s with about 10-12 % BF at 5'10. He has proven that he can get it done.

    He previously ran a DMZ/MAX LMG cycle in June 2011 with excellent results (lost most gains due to not lifting) and an epistane cycle in December of that same year with even better results. His troubles began shortly after that particular PCT because he did not take a SERM (I'll take the blame). He had a legitimate OTC PCT but slowly developed gyno most likely from estrogen rebound after PCT which worsened as time went on.

    Today, he weighs about the same with a significant loss of muscle and still has painful gyno which has become visible, most likely due to fat gain. He saw his GP about the gyno recently who prescribed him Nolvadex 10 mg to take daily. He was referred to a surgeon for the gyno who declared it mild and claimed that it would go away without surgery. All other causes of the gyno were ruled out by the 2 physicians. I thought to myself- "Is 10 mg a day of Tamoxifen even sufficient for reversing gyno by itself? No letro?" Well I am not a doctor, but "maybe he needs to see someone more qualified such as an endocrinologist?" Whatever, to sum up his troubles, the gyno has not improved with at least 4-6 of Nola at 10mg a day, and my best friend is stuck inside his own body which has become sedentary minus seldom games of recreational flag football/basketball.

    He came to me about 2 weeks ago wanting to make a lifestyle change and rededicate his life to fitness. His diet has already improved and he has set a goal of lifting weights similar to my style (a combo of FB/BB specific) minimum of 3 X a week along with cardio 2 X week (1 X HIIT, 1 x recreational sport for an hour).

    He then asked about supplementing his routine with a mild PH to help cut BF and regain some strength with little to no weight gain, BUT he could only afford 1 bottle of something. I suggested Furuza- 50 by LGI. I've never run this compound before, but from what I've read it promises excellent results for cutting but requires at least 300mg but ideally 500mg a day to run solo for up to 8 weeks. It also does not aromatize which in theory will reduce gyno. Is it even worth running solo for 4 weeks at 100mg a day? What about 150mg for 20 days? Would he be better off with one bottle of LGIs 11-oxo or Stano? LGI claims to have ramped up the formula so that it doesn't require such a high dosage. He has all support supps on hand including protein along with a suitable all-in-one OTC, plenty of goat weed, and an unlimited supply of a prescription nolva.

    Thanks for the help!

  2. 1)No , One bottle of Furuza is not enough
    2) If he is prone to gyno and a serm has not helped then he may want to reconsider using a ph- mild or not
    3) all in one OTC pct???probably not.
    I think your friend can attain the results he wants with non-ph products as well as a dedicated diet and training

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    1)No , One bottle of Furuza is not enough 2) If he is prone to gyno and a serm has not helped then he may want to reconsider using a ph- mild or not 3) all in one OTC pct???probably not. I think your friend can attain the results he wants with non-ph products as well as a dedicated diet and training
    1. Yeah I figured one bottle wouldn't do much but it was worth a shot.
    2. He only developed the gyno from Ep Stane after PCT. Slight sensitivity after a 4 week DMZ/LMG stack which never worsened from there. His PCT after the first cycle may have been worse than the Second. No SERM either time. Since the first cycle puts him at much higher risk for gyno, and yet only had very mild symtoms, this leads me to believe that he is just susceptible to estrogen rebound which should be prevented with SERM. His sensitivity from cycle one cleared up while on the Ep Stane which isn't surprising. What would you recommend to help his gyno considering the situation?
    3. What natty test booster stack would you recommend? I'll make him stay on nolva or at least follow up with it considering his luck. If I don't put him on anything he won't stick to the plan. A mental thing for him. I know arimistane + daa seems to be the most popular right now despite me only noticing massive diarrhea in an 8 week trial.


  4. number 1- Get the gyno under control first.
    number 2- unless your friend is your Guinea pig, don't suggest things you haven't had any experience with.
    number 3- don't suggest ph's/aas without knowledge/know how with regards to producing quality results the proper way

    this kind of stuff gets bad reputation for all of us, and ruins it for people that are only mildly interested, mildly because almost everyone out there is looking for some cheat/easy way to get to their goals.


    Try working hard first...

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