Test Cyp / Mast E cycle

  1. Test Cyp / Mast E cycle

    I'm wanting to get input on cycling Test Cyp 400mg eow and Masteron E 400mg eow. For a 10 week cycle any thoughts? Thank you

  2. Why would you do every other week?

    Age, cycle experience, stats?

  3. Should of specified end of week it's a rookie mistake lol

  4. It's cool

    Age, cycle experience, stats?

  5. Age 28
    12% body fat
    First cycle experience

  6. First cycle I would run the test only. Split the 400 into 2 injections per week. Have an AI on hand while on cycle and pct. The test is plenty for your first cycle. You can always add compounds on your next run.

  7. I agree with test only on first cycle. I already have the Mast on hand that's why I was gonna use it as well. Wouldn't it help lowering the estrogen while using test?

  8. I would hold off on the masteron til your next cycle. Believe me you WILL run another one lol. You will love the test @ 400/week by itself. Plus I wouldn't rely on masteron to lower estrogen, you will need an AI. Masteron is a great compound, it will better serve you down the road in my opinion. Good luck bro

  9. Thank you and your input is well appreciated


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