Gaining on Dmz/tren/epi/stano cycle

  1. Gaining on Dmz/tren/epi/stano cycle

    Hi, was wanting to get some feed back on a 8week dmz/tren/epi/stano cycle I am thinking about running. This is not my first cycle have a few ph cycles under my belt. They were not as successful as I wanted hem to be but saw pretty decent gains while on cycle. Lost a a little during pct. currently weighing in right around 178, bf is around 9% and I eat pretty clean. Wanting to put on and keep around 10pounds and drop a little bf as well.
    This is the cycle I'm thinking bout running.

    Dmz: 10/10/20/20/00/00/00/00
    Tren: 00/00/30/60/60/60/60/30
    Epi: 00/00/00/00/40/40/40/40
    Stano: 800/800/800/800/800/800/800/800

    Post cycle
    Nolva: 20/20/10/10
    Erase pro
    Transform sup: Post cycle
    Daa: 3g pre workout, 3g post workout
    Creatine: 5g preworkout, 5g post workout
    *possibly run bromo as well, but let me know what you think.

    Support supplements
    CEL Cycle assist
    Liver support
    Orange triad
    Taurine: 3g daily

    Carbs: 388g
    Fat: 116g
    Protein: 431g

    Want to get some feed back on how the cycle looks. Will log results to see the progress of this cycle. Thank you for the feed back.

  2. You might want to extend your pct out a little longer than 4 weeks since this is a pretty big run. CARB THE FACK UP! Superdrol loves that shiit.

    PS: Thanks for spotting me with those 100s this morning on db overhead press

  3. dmz seems pointless there 4 weeks at those doses.. drop it imo

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