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    Well, I said I'd post this, so here goes.

    This will be my log for my usage of Warrior Labz Spartan, which is a blend of Halodrol, Epistane, DMZ, and Max LMG, and also has Carbopol and Milk Thistle.

    This will be a 4 week cycle, with a 4 week PCT, starting tomorrow.

    Supps being used on cycle will be:
    AI Cycle Support
    CTD Labs Liver Armor
    Muscle Material
    Max Muscle Joint Relief
    Max Muscle GHTX

    And have a buddy to hook up a 4DHEA supp in case I am too lethargic.

    PWO is Warrior Labz Super Amp3d (aside from anything, best PWO I have EVER had)
    Proteins being used are Intek's Evolution, and Black Dragon Labs Bulk Density.

    AI on hand is Black Dragon Labs Aromanex.

    For PCT, Nolva in case it gets that crazy, but otherwise:
    Max Muscle Max Anabol
    Warrior Labz Super PCT

    Will probably grab another Liver Armor/Cycle Support too, to run through.

    Diet consists of ~3700 kcal, with 212g minimum of protein (will likely bump this up), and approximately 580g of carbs.

    Routine is Power Block Periodization - PBP
    But utilizing tension based training, along with the rep/set scheme.

    Main goal is to gain strength, and hopefully (on the high end) 10 solid pounds of retain-able lean mass.

    Will check tomorrow, but any insight, interest, questions, comments, or suggestions, please speak up.
    I want to be able to answer any questions possible.

  2. No replies, eh? Awh.

    Anyway, started today, dosed a pill just a few minutes ago, and will dose another in about 4 hours.
    Swallowed down the Liver Armor/Joint Relief/Cycle Support (which despite my protein having awesome taste, still tastes like someone crapped into the brownie mix), and some Arginine for laughs.
    About to drop a bunch of carbs down my throat, since I've only had maybe 100 today, and dose the Muscle Material an hour out from my workout. Will update after workout as well to report how I feel.

  3. In for this

  4. Sounds interesting, ill follow along

  5. How was the spartan worth a shot ,?

  6. I have been looking for reviews on spartan and titan ill follow

  7. I am also interested, I'll follow as well

  8. Wasnt this post started last year? I doubt he's been on this post lately.


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