Hey guys, I've got 1 alpha lab kit and a leftover bottle of finaflex 1 andro. gonna do a 6 week cycle and see how it stacks up. this is what im thinking:

Week 1: 2 1-andro a day. 1 in morning, 1 in evening

Week 2: 3 1-andro daily. 1 in morning, 2 in evening

Week 3-Week 6: 6 alpha mass+ bulk daily, 3 of each in morning, 3 of each in evening

Scheduled end date November 24

Post Cycle Therapy Start date November 25
Week 1: 5 reboot

Week 2-3: 7 reboot

Week 4: 5 Reboot

any opinions? im going to be using some daa along with the rebooot during pct and have some tamox on hand just incase