I think after weeks of research .....

I'm 6ft 87kg dropping to 10-12% body fat before hitting this bulk course! Diet will be 700-1000 cal surplus training 4-5 times week 5 previous cycles over last 3 years
1-2 EQ 1500mg
3- 16EQ 800mg wk
2-13tren E 500mg wk
1-16test E 750mg wk
1-17provorin 50mg ed
1-4 dbol 50mg ed
13-17winny 50mg ed
1000iu wk in 2 shots hcg up until blast
Adex 0.25 eod all through taper off at end of pct clomid and nolva 2 weeks
after last jab of test e , hcg blast of 2000iu eod for 10 shots
Followed by 4-5 weeks clomid and nolva Think that's it what you think?