Ultradrol/Trenavar Log for Pure Strength Gains

  1. Ultradrol/Trenavar Log for Pure Strength Gains

    Alright guys, since I've seen a bit of interest, I figured that I would log my progress on this cycle. I typically weigh around 208-212, but as y'all will see, I'm slightly heavier right now, so we shall see on the weight gain. The dosing for the cycle is: Ultradrol 14mg, Tren 90 mg. I have one bottle of Ultradrol Elite, one bottle of CeltiTren, and 2 packets of Trenavar. Should be quite a fun one, here is the progress so far:

    Beginning Lifts:
    Bench: 385-405 (really depends on the day)
    Squat: 455 (light, can do more)
    Deadlift: 445

    Day 1: 7mg/60mg Weight: 218.4 (inflated, bad weekend of eating anything and everything when I visited my family) Bench: 405 (spotter had fingers on it, 385 easily by myself)
    Day 2: 14mg/90mg Weight: 215.4 Squat: 475 (heavy)
    Day 3: Same mg's Weight: 216.1
    Day 4: Same mg's Weight: 214 Bench: 385 (heavy, had a long day at work)

    So far, nothing really noticeable (obviously) since it's just now getting started, but I hope y'all enjoy keeping up with the progress, especially since there doesn't seem to be a very detailed log on the strength gains, particularly from this stack.

  2. Interested on the fat loss development of the tren ultradrol combo. Strenght gains will be epic.
    Best luck with the cycle, go for it...

  3. Well I have also taken before pics, so you will be able to see that as well. Today is deadlift day!

  4. I have a roommate very interested on running this same combo.

    Subbed in for the long haul.

    Good luck man stay disciplined!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by CaptForest View Post
    I have a roommate very interested on running this same combo.

    Subbed in for the long haul.

    Good luck man stay disciplined!
    Glad I can help then!

    Day 5: The mg's will be the same the whole way unless otherwise noted. Today was deadlift day.

    Weight: 217
    Deadlift: 455

    I would estimate I could've gotten 465, maybe 470, but it hurt to stand up due to pain in my lower back/ass area. Looks like this should be a fun cycle, since 2 weeks ago, I couldn't even get 455 off the ground (ground is my sticking point on deadlift).

  6. Off day today. Last night, I was sweating slightly, nothing too drastic, but had to sleep without the covers on and my fan on. Today at work, got my first comments. One of my coworkers said to me "Damn boy, you been hittin' the gym? Your shoulders look a lot bigger than usual." Wasn't expecting that, especially since he sees me about twice a week, but hey, I'll take it. Especially this early on.

  7. Today was chest day. My weight was 217.3, was able to hit 365X3 after 295X5, 315X5, 345X5. Not too shabby thus far. No real side effects either to speak of, except for my body temperature feeling slightly elevated, but that's not much of a side effect if you ask me.

  8. Day 10
    Weight: 218
    Squat: 455 (no spotter)

    Squats were broken down 405X5, 405X5, 435X4, 455X1. Still nothing to write home about as far as strength gains, but it's not been very long. As far as side effects and whatnot, I definitely notice an increase in acne, as have other people (no bueno). Kinda hard to tell them that I've just upped my calories to get bigger, but it's whatever. Body still has a very warm feeling all the time, sleeping with the fan on high.

  9. Update:

    Didn't wanna bore y'all when there wasn't really much going on in the way of strength gains, but here's the progress as of today.

    Last squat: 485 relatively easily, next squat will be tomorrow.
    Bench today: 315X5, 345X4, 365X3, 385X2 (didn't have a spotter, so I don't really know my max. Next bench day will figure it out)
    Last DL: 480 (HEAVY. That's currently my max right now. Hate that I'm still under 500, especially with how my squats are going.)

    Today marked the 3 week mark with 14mg M-Sten and 90mg Trenavar. It seems like now I'm starting to feel the real "strength increases". Hopefully it picks up big time in the next couple of weeks.

    EDIT: Forgot about sides.

    SIDE EFFECTS: Can you say Tren Dick? Not gonna lie, it's pretty rough in that department right about now. Besides that though, not many at all, acne has seemed to calm down.

  10. Bench day: 315X5, 345X4, 365X3, 405X1, 415X1

    Finally had a spotter to actually test how strong I have gotten. Very impressed thus far, that's about a 30 lb increase to date, with more room to go, since I felt like I might've been able to go to 420 or 425.

    Weight: 213.5


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