Hello, I'm new to this site, i bought a product from Rock Hard Supplements Called Methastadrol. I was wondering if any one knew any good cycle supports for side effects or supports. I have read many blogs and many other peoples supplies but real concerned what to take. If you could help it would be awesome. I'm new to this overall. Methastadrol is a diatry supplement and also a pre-hormone supplement. I'm 18 years old and looking to get toned or more. I weigh 156 but i'm really quite skinny and I'm also 5'11. I have quite a bit of stomach fat that i would like to see turn into muscle. Any help at all would be great.
These are a few that some people have listed:

Advanced Cycle support (2 caps a day)

Anabolic Matrix (2 caps a day)

Decadrol (4 caps a day)

M-Sten (2 caps a day)

Clomid 1 mL (every day before bed)

Anabolic Innovations Cylce Support
Animal Flex
Muti-vitamins Pack