So I decided to go with Havoc for my first cycle. Im 35y 5'8'' 199lbs amd currently using mass hgh/ad3(still have 1 week left). Recomp will be my goal. Im planning to run it for 5 ( I want to see how my body react to the ph and depending how it works out do it for a longer run next year). Nutrition will be the one from shortcut to shred in ( with some changes according to my needs) and Hiit after weights with morning cardio on days off (from work or gym). I will start this probably by 10/13/2013 or later depending on some supp ar*****s.

Pre cycle 2wGNC Liver Support

On cycleHavoc 20/30/30/40/40 (it can change depending on results/side effects
GNC Heart Health(Pythosterols 800mg, Grape seed 300mg, CoQ10 200mg)
CEL Cycle Assist
Himalaya Liver Care
DHEA( if need it)

Toremifene 90/60/30/30
EvoMuse Abliderate(all PCT)
VitalLabs PCT 3X
Mass HGH
AD3 ( w3 until over)

Thinking in taper AD3, Dpol and PCT 3X and if I can find a spot for TX3 I can add it. Quercitin 1000mg and Garlic in hand. I want to keep things simple.