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  1. Day 29

    Weight 208lbs (+18)

    Well going to 60mg so far I think was a smart choice for me. My weight has gone up again and I haven't had much lethargy. I read in a few threads that lethargy actually went down when bumping up to 60 and honestly I did not believe that made sense. So far I stand corrected.

    Strength has not gone up a whole lot, I really dont see this as a compound designed for all out strength but as far as changes in my body... I'm seriously impressed. I have gained freaking 18 lbs and my vascularity is quite frankly ridiculous for me. I have arm veins that are moving onto my chest now for the first time ever and my forearms are just explosive when I'm working out and at night before I go to bed.

    Libido has taken a mild hit but nothing that is taking away from my gf. I'm still using 4-5 4ad ed to combat lethargy and keep libido. Its been working great I feel. back pumps are definitely there but tolerable on everyday but leg days. My last leg day was a pretty uncomfortable car ride home. i will probably dose 10g taurine next time instead of the 6 I did that day.

    I wasn't really thinking that 20 lbs would be attainable in this cycle seeing as I am not just eating anything I can get my hands on, its mostly quality stuff except yesterday I ate somewhat dirtier than usual and had some really salty foods for sure. Probably where a pound or so is coming from but I'm pretty psyched about my progress so far. 20 lbs when all said and done should be a goal now, not a bonus. Super happy so far. Ready to keep killin' until the nearly full, 3rd bottle of 4ad is gone.

  2. Day 33

    207 lbs (+17)

    Holding steady on the weight but not gaining like I was before. I haven't been much stronger but still having good workouts and hitting respectable numbers.

    Regardless of weight, I notice a continuation of minor subtleties in my muscle shape. On top of the weight Ibe added I have also become more vascular in areas and getting deeper striations in my chest. Its an amazing feeling to know what I came from 3 years ago.

    Libido however is not so good even at 5 ams 4ad ed. I can still go through the motions but it isn't pretty haha. Still delivering for the woman but not my hornball self.

    Other than that sides have been basically nonexistent! Acne but I'm prone. Actually, DMZ at 60 gives me less back pumps than I got from hdrol at 100. My favorite hormone I've used thus far.

  3. Seventeen pounds is great progress! Congrats. From reading other DMZ logs it looks like sides are normal. How much longer to PCT?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kenpoengineer View Post
    Seventeen pounds is great progress! Congrats. From reading other DMZ logs it looks like sides are normal. How much longer to PCT?
    Thanks man. I have until next Sunday so about 9 days left. I have enough to go to 75 but not really sure it would do me any good. I've read people doing it but I wonder if it would just shut me down further for the minimal impact it has...

  5. Day 36

    210.5 lbs (+20.5)

    Man, today was weird. I felt like I was just going to level my gym all day at work. Then, when the time came I went into my gym and was literally fighting to stay awake between sets. I cut my volume by 30% today.

    I did still get home to find new arm veins (yet again) and that my weight is still going up. I get these feelings like I'll be glad when its over... but then all of a sudden its a complete 180 and feel like a beast and like I'm actually awake haha. I seriously could have slept on the flat bench today!

    I have 7 days left and then I'm jumping into pct. Overall, still really satisfied. i just look like a different guy.

    Now that I'm home and settled in I feel awake again. Could be that I had sh*t sleep last night for one of the first times in cycle...

    Libido is still very low but functional. Strength is not much better than off cycle at this point I must say. Just being honest. Seems like a great compound for body composition but not so much a strength compound. For me anyway...


  6. Again... feeling awesome today even though its a rest day I'll probably run some sprints. I can't just do nothing haha.

    I'll be posting up some new pics. The differences are night a day! 20+ pounds AND more vascular. This is too addicting. I see how people do this for decades.

  7. Day 40

    210 lbs (+20)

    I know I was saying I hadn't felt very strong lately but having a day that I didn't get much lethargy has got me feeling beast again. Finished up a chest routine today with pushups to failure. I'm still reppin, I'll let you know how many I did tomorrow. Ha, but seriously, I felt like a robot.

    The 4ad will be gone after tomorrow so that's my last day with DMZ too. I started daa today and will start the Nolva the day after tomorrow.

    I got AD-3 for the AI. I really liked the addition of L-dopa. I may add the Mass hgh too because they have a deal on them. Couldn't hurt. Anyone taken either before? Thoughts?

  8. Still lurking in here. Very nice cycle run! Congratulations on the gains of 20 lbs! Impressive. Looking forward to following your PCT.

  9. Thanks man. Appreciate you sticking around. I wanted to make sure I finish what I started because there are many DMZ logs with no closure whatsoever.

    So regardless who's on here... Its gettin' done!

    I'll try post up more "after cycle pics" this weekend. This vein has appeared across my delt and onto my chest from this run, all while gaining some real size. My chest made some real defining changes as well. Same with the width of my lats. For the first time ever, I really look like I actually work out a bit haha.

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  10. Every time I see pics like this it amazes me! This is a true testament to the hard work that goes into our quest to be big! Don't drop your guard during PCT. Keep eating big and working out hard.

  11. PCT Day 3

    Weight 210 (+20 lbs)

    Weight is staying up and I seem to be experiencing the opposite of what most people do in PCT. My appetite has actually increased and I feel energized. The lethargy from the cycle has seemed to have past.

    Libido is also on the rise, no pun

    Dosing 20 of Nolva and 3g DAA per day now.

    I'm actually pretty excited to go lift today. I feel like I'm going to love taking 2-3 servings of a pre-workout and just crushing it after work. I plan on upping weights on all my lifts during PCT and work a lower rep range with the same volume/sets to entice my body to hold onto what I gained.

    Despite gaining 20 lbs, my abs are actually more prevalent then they were when I started my run. I was not trying to recomp at all, I ate to bulk. Period. So that really impressed me.

    PCT doesnt have to be the dreaded part, I feel great and I'm ready to keep gaining and getting stronger. I want this PCT to be the most important part of my run. I'm just not even going to think I was "on" anything and continue to kill it. So far... so good. Thanks for following if you have. This has turned more into me not wanted to quit my log. i hate running into logs that start ok... and then just end without notice. Seems like 2 out of 3 logs die. I wont have it! haha

  12. Still here 6? How's PCT going?

  13. Still alive and kickin! PCT is going very well. Been really enjoying my stims again preworkout. No more lethargy thank tha lawd!

    Instead of doing my normal splits I've been doing pretty much a full body 3 times a week.

    My weight is still about +17-18 and I feel pretty strong and just overall... fit. My diet had def been a little dirtier than normal but I'm having to do that sometimes to hit the cals. After my first cycle, I'd much rather not be super clean than not get enough cals in a day.

    In don't know if I'm blessed or cursed but my gf works for a high end catering biz and is always bringing amazing food by the trayful over. I stick with pounding down all the meat but still... haha. Hard to let go to waste!

  14. Haha just typed all that sitting in front of 4 sushi rolls (24 PCs), grilled chix appetizer and a few whole eggs.

    I don't even workout until 5pm... mans gotta eat though

  15. Quote Originally Posted by 6andaHalf View Post
    Haha just typed all that sitting in front of 4 sushi rolls (24 PCs), grilled chix appetizer and a few whole eggs. I don't even workout until 5pm... mans gotta eat though
    I'm jealous of all that food. Nice update and it sounds like PCT is going well.

  16. Ok well I gotta say my libido is in the sh*tter. I think I'm going to pick up an herbal test booster. DAA may be good to get things started but I have never ever experienced much in the libido dept when taking is. That goes for erase too.

    I got the best results with Activate X but it was so long and my first test booster...

    Hmmm decisions...

  17. nice log dude

  18. Thanks bud, welcome to project libido.

    Any and all suggestions welcome!

  19. Ordered some Tropinol XP today to combat libido issues and hopefully give me a little man boost. Man boost constitutes energy and power and all that good sh*t)

    It will be here tomorrow. I've heard good things so let's see what's up!

  20. So I started the Tropinol XP today. Nice big ol' bottle and the caps are actually heavy for their size. You can tell they are packed.

    Dosing is 4 a day per workout and on rest days 2am and 2 6-8 hrs later.

    I feel like I'm starting the level out a tad. I have more energy and am having good workouts. Today was a rest day but tomorrow I plan to start a Trop log in my log. A log in a PCT in a log if you will...

    BTW weight is steady at 208 (+18) been eating boyyyeee

    Now time for the 4 stages of glory for every man.... Sleep

  21. Wish I had more help for you but I only have mild PH cycles under the belt. Sounds like you are shut down hard. I think you are making the right moves in getting natural test being produced again. Can't believe you are holding weight. Amazing!

  22. Updated progress pic today!!

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    Just itching to get into the gym today after work. I got some Acute FX too and man... stuff is potent as hell. I took 3 to start with this weekend and I have never had the shakes that bad. Must have been the perfect storm that day because I never get the stim shakes that bad. I hit up 2 caps on Monday and felt freaking great though.

  23. Looking good bro! Far cry from the old AVI image! Acute FX is one favorite PWO.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by kenpoengineer View Post
    Looking good bro! Far cry from the old AVI image! Acute FX is one favorite PWO.
    Thanks brotha! You can even see my lats really starting to wing out a bit, even in this pose. (BTW I have no idea what I'm doing with "poses") I've been doing this heavy wide grip/ really heavy close grip (palms in) superset on pull ups and it has absolutely been wrecking my lats and upper abs. Do some pull overs for icing on the cake and I'm DOMS like a noob again.

    And yea, I'm determined to seek out the full energy spectrum today from Acute FX. i had to cut my session short on Monday but I felt I could have gone forever...

    Today I just may let it all hang out with a full body after a rest day. (I say rest day but my band played 1.5 hours away last night in another state after a 9 hr work day haha.... MONEY TALKS!)

  25. PCT Day 12

    Weight 207lbs (+17)

    Just leveled my gym. Started hitting legs and just never looked back.

    And it went a little something like this:

    Back squats (higher rep)
    140x20 atg
    140x15 atg

    Leg press (close stance)

    Ham curls/leg ext super sets (same weight for both)
    A-B 50x10
    A-B 70x15
    A-B 90x14
    A-B 80x15
    A-B 50x20

    Then I decided to hit a little back and arms. My arms are so damn hard to grow its pathetic haha

    Lat pull down (wide grip/close grip palms in giant sets)
    A-B 145x10
    A-B 160x7
    A-B 190x5
    A-B 145x10 (ouch, 20 straight reps)

    Face pulls
    Dropset* 80x15 (ouch again)

    Tri ext/bi curl (cable) super sets
    A-B 100x10
    A-B 100x12
    A-B 120x9
    A-B 80x15

    Oh yea.... 60 sec rest on everything. Sweating my ass off!

    Today was my first workout after starting Trop XP and my second with Acute FX. I can say I was freaking spent after this workout. It feels great though. As I type this my quads are still sooo pumped from 2 hours ago. They actually hurt today from agmatine I assume. Possibly the nitrate in Trop.

    Not expecting anything over night for the Trop for libido but I hope it gets better soon. The gf will be over a lot this weekend and she has demands.

  26. Isn't Dym similar to Superdrol?

  27. Did you see this thread on Tropinol:PCT with TROPINOL XP and INTIMIDATE SRT

  28. Quote Originally Posted by JoeBrooklyn View Post
    Isn't Dym similar to Superdrol?
    Yes and no. It is actually 2 SD molecules bonded together by a nitrogen atom. SD is still on another level tho and promotes quicker and bigger gains along with being more toxic as well.



  29. Quote Originally Posted by kenpoengineer View Post
    Did you see this thread on Tropinol:PCT with TROPINOL XP and INTIMIDATE SRT
    Nice, I'll be jumpin in that to check it out. Sounds like the EXACT position I'm in. 2nd cycle and a diff compound. Low libido and has no clue what to expect haha

    Good lookin Kenpo

  30. Quote Originally Posted by 6andaHalf View Post
    Yes and no. It is actually 2 SD molecules bonded together by a nitrogen atom. SD is still on another level tho and promotes quicker and bigger gains along with being more toxic as well. Generally: Hdrol/Epi<DMZ<SD
    Thank you!


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