I have been reasearching and considering a single time prohormone cycle for about a year now and about a month ago finally came to the decission to do so. I have researched everything i can think of to do with compounds, assisting products, pcts, etc and used what i knew to create what i believe to be an apropeiate cycle. I dont know what it is (maybe the fact that its gettin closer) but in the past day or so ive become really aprehensive about the cycle (which i had been so excited to start) and am almost now thinking of backing out. I have been going online and searching up horror stories and worst case senerio situations aswell as writups talking about cancers and long term serious sides to prohormone usage.

I was wondering if anyone out there can contribute to any of this, aswell as take a look at the cycle i have planned and could point out ANYTHING** in it that they believe would deserve to be changed/altered and why. any imput would be aprechiated and would help me

cycle is structured as such;

AI cycle suppor03|03|03|03|03|03|03|03| 03|03|
halodrol...........00|00|50|75 |75|75|75|
liv52................01|01|01| 01|01|01|01|01|01|01|01|01|01| 01
Saw Palmetto..01|01|01|01|01|01|01 |01|01|01|01|01|
erase...............00|00|00|0 0|00|00|00|00|02|03|04|03|02|0 1
torem..............00|00|00|00 |00|00|00|90|60|60|30|
daa..................00|00|00| 00|00|00|03|03|03|03|03|03|03|
taurine.............04|04|04|0 4|04|04|04|04|04|04|04|04|
hcgenerate......00|00|04|04|04 |04|04|00|00|

liike i said, any changes/imput from anyone with experience, especially experience with halodrol specifically, please let me know

also im going to get labs before preload, during cycle (3-4 week mark), and after pct. any input on what i should ask them to test for specifically (i know my doctor and he wont test for anything i dont specifically ask for so ill want to make some sort of list, including hormones as well as different enzymes, etc)

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