First Ever Cycle (Halodrol) . . . . . .FEEDBACK PLEASE!

  1. First Ever Cycle (Halodrol) . . . . . .FEEDBACK PLEASE!

    i was thinking of doing a prohormone cycle, have done my research and this is what i have come up with. please let me know some feedback on anything, or something that may need to be changed. one thing im set on is my halodrol dosing, i understand its low/lower but since its my first run id prefer to keep it as such;

    AI cycle support.-03|03|03|03|03|03|03|03|03|03| 03|
    liv52...................-01|01|01|01|01|01|01|01|01|01| 01|01|
    Saw Palmetto.....-01|01|01|01|01|01|01|01|01|01| 01|01|
    erase..................-00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|02|03| 04|03|02|01
    activate xtreme..-00|00|00|00|00|00|00|08|08|08| 06|06|
    torem.................-00|00|00|00|00|00|00|90|60|60| 30|
    daa....................-00|00|00|00|00|00|03|04|03|03| 03|03|
    taurine...............-04|04|04|04|04|04|04|04|04|04| 04|04|
    hcgenerate.........-00|00|00|00|00|00|04|04|04|04| 04|

    other support supps will be

    fish oil
    creatine hcl

  2. My 2 cents:

    Go 50/75/75/100/100/100

    You only need one serm. Use HCgenerate on cycle and get a test booster for PCT, along with the DAA. Otherwise not bad.

  3. like i said im set on my dose, thats not what i wanted input on. for the hcgenerate wouldnt it be better in pct? or both or would you just say on cycle. also i know i only need 1 serm but i only put the 2 week low dose clomid because people told me its the best serm for restarting test production (while torem and tamox are better for everything else)

  4. I like HCgenerate to keep them plump during so they are ready to go for pct. some people do it the other way. Personal preference I guess.
    For me 50 clomid is high. I use it 25/12.5/12.5/12.5. It ****s with my eyes too much.

  5. Also I'd reconsider at least duration. For me it didn't kick until day 19. At 35 days you only got a little over 2 weeks left. It may be different for you, but that was my experience.

  6. yea i was gonna see how i felt and maye do 6th week

  7. That's a good strategy.

  8. i just completed my first ever cycle of hdrol, NEVER AGAIN!!!!

    i was so damn tired, i didnt know who i was. i couldnt eat, had absolutely no appetite on this crap. started at 203, ended at 203 (i was wanting to bulk, but end up being more of a recomp). i look slightly better, more cut, but wasnt worth what i went through. i had crazy dreams, felt very emotional like a damn woman and it took everything i had to drag ass to the gym. i wasnt me and thats not a fun thing to go through.

    the good, i was able to bench 315 for 2 reps. arms stayed at 17.25 flexed, but more defined. now that im done with hdrol and on my 3rd week of pct, im up to 207. my appetite came back. my strength is still up.........i hope you have better results than what i did.

    im also using liquid torem, im going 90/60/30/30. using hc generate as well, along with the erase pro you mentioned...........

    i feel like im getting more out of erase pro/anabeta elite/daa stacked as pct than i did my cycle. im growing more now than on cycle, but my appetite coming back has attributed to that.

    i took a 1 week break from the hdrol before i started erase pro/anabeta elite, i got very soft..........after ep/ae, i was rock hard again just like being on hdrol.

    i ran my hdrol 50/75/75/75/75, i was shooting for 6 weeks and just couldnt get that last week in. im finally back to myself, still a bit lethargic, could be the torem????

    my pct may be an overkill, im using..........

    torem (rui)
    hc generate - i started this on the last few days on my cycle.
    erase pro
    anabeta elite
    cycle assist
    fish oil
    multi vitamin

    never again, but im glad i went through the process...........good luck man, hope you get better results than i did.

  9. thats weird. i have a friend who just finnished a cycle and is starting pct today, he also mentioned the tiredness but says its fine once he gets going, like that its hard to get the motivation to go to the gym to play spots but once he starts its like hes superman, he also said it increased appatite. as far as not gaining i think thats due to the fact that you said you were not eating, because he was only 150lbs (about 5"5) and he gained 21lbs on cycle (which i know is unusually high but still)

  10. thats a lot to gain, prob some fat thrown in there, water weight and etc ...

    i would really consider an erase pro/anabeta elite/daa stack, im loving it. pumps are stupid big! im as hard as a rock, just like the hdrol. my pecker works, i know who i am, starting to get some energy back, eating like a horse, basically back to me again..........

    the only bad side effect that didnt happen to me were the back pumps. the sweating in the gym and sleeping at night was nuts. i ran the cel hdrol, it was expired by 5 months but read it was still good.

    i regret the hdrol big time, you may have better results.........keep us updated.

  11. I would have thought so aswell but he has only gained .5% bodyfat so not even a full % and doesn't look puffy like he's retaining a lot of water, it's also halodrol so gains tend to be quite dry. I don't know why you would take an expired product. Products have an expiry date for a reason. You complain that you reacted badly and had bad results but you used the substance not in the way it was intended to be used, and then are surprised that you reacted badly, epically something as powerful as a hormone. The non expired stuff is only about 25$ I don't know why you wouldn't have just bought a new bottle or 2 for your cycle

  12. the product was good, had way too many sides for it not to be. before i took the hdrol, i got in touch with several people and they all said that stuff is good a few years past expiration if it was sealed/kept cool. way too many sides for this stuff to be bunk, i was a bad responder, it doesnt work for everyone. just sharing my experience and pct because i see you walking the same path that i just went down.

    just trying to help.

    your pct looks good. if you can eat and tolerate the sides, hdrol will work, i simply couldnt eat and suffered through weeks 3-4-5. i started out just fine, then it all kicks in after week 2...i was talking to myself, then i answered myself, i realized i was going nuts! ... lmao!!!!!!!!!

  13. Iunno bro, who ever told you something is good a few years past expiry sounds a bit off. If it was good that long past expiry then the expiry would be longer, and something can still have sides even if it's not working as intended.


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