Hdrol nothing, now growing on pct. what happened?

  1. Hdrol nothing, now growing on pct. what happened?

    first post but have been lurking for quite some time. had very little prohormone knowledge til i started reading anabolic minds.

    40 years old, 203 lbs. have been in and out of weightlifting for 20 years. started back 7 months ago and wanted a little boost, decided to take CEL Hdrol.

    ran it at 50-75-75-75-75, 5 weeks. i couldnt take another day of hdrol and cut the cycle a week short, was shooting for 6 weeks. this stuff had me out of my head and didnt know who the hell i was. i was so tired, crazy dreams and just couldnt eat to save my life. started the cycle at 203 lbs and finsihed at 203 lbs. had to go buy some ON serious mass weightgainer just so i could get something in me. maintainted 250+ grams of protein but mostly from powder.

    week 1 of pct i started my torem from rui, hc generate, daa, continued cycle assist and now that im into my 2nd week of pct, i just started erase pro, anabeta elite. now i feel like myself and can eat again, actually i cant stop eating. i am up 6 pounds and feel rock hard! i am def growing!!!

    is erase pro and anabeta elite this bad ass? its amazing how hard i am, def leaning out while im eating like a horse. as a new person to prohormones im so confused on what just went on the past 8 weeks.

    i dont want to say hdrol didnt work, it held onto muscle and i burned some fat. i wanted to bulk but i simply had NO appetite on hdrol. the gains im seeing on pct (erase pro/anabeta elite) is just unbelievable, almost like my prohormone started working although im not on it. from everything i read, you dont gain on pct?

    what is going on? muscles are full/round and rock hard. rock hard just like i was on hdrol.

  2. You most definitely can gain in post cycle. It's a temporary gain and it will plateau sometime in the later weeks. As far as Hdrol goes, 75 did nothing to me, I upped it at 100 with good diet and I had minimal gains. Like me, you probably were not a good responder to it. I prefer epi, and some of the stronger compounds.

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