super dmz 2.0 cycle

  1. super dmz 2.0 cycle

    Alright I'm starting my 1st cycle Monday and I wanted a little advice with cycle assist and pct.

    During my cycle I will be taking CEL cycle assist multi vitamins and fish oil.

    For my pct I have p6 black test booster, eblock, fish oil, multi , and will continue taking CEL cycle assist.

    Open to any suggestions let me know if I need anything else or to change anything please!!

  2. Anybody??

  3. SERM. Get it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by fueledpassion View Post
    SERM. Get it.
    I was looking into serms after a dmz cycle as well. Would clomid be sufficient? I have it laying around. Would nolva, torem, or caber be better?

  5. Personal preference. Caber is not a SERM so it wouldn't be a good option. Caber is for 19-NOR compounds that interact with progesterone receptors.

    I prefer Clomid as it boosts testosterone the best. It also gives your fertility back to you, if that mattered.

  6. I'd just take cycle assist while you're on your cycle, kinda pricy to use into pct
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  7. I'm going to assume you have probably already done your cycle. If so I hope all went well and you recovered well. If you haven't done it, you need a serm. Just punch nolva or clomid research chemicals into google and it will direct you to some good sites. No serm no cycle. Then get any good quality test booster for pct. while one keep some taurine handy for back and calf pumps. Take a liver support and fish oil. Other then that I don't think a lot of support supplements are necessary. But they are helpful. Good luck. I hope this helps.

  8. Lmk what kind of gains ur making or made so far


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