Epi h drol and test prop

  1. Epi h drol and test prop

    Just thought I'd throw up my cycle and get some thoughts. This is def not my first cycle by any means. I have ran hear before as well as ph. So I thought I'd mix them. I'm at 210lb around 12% bf. I'm running 40 of epi 50 of h drol and 100 mgs of test prop injections EOD. Loaded with milk thise and Hawthorne berry. Plenty of fish oil and glucosamine and chindroitin. I have clomid and nolvadex on hand if needed and for pct. Still on around 5-10 grams of creatine with about 1.5 gallons of water a day. Eating around 4100 calories a day with a 5 day training split. I train heavy and intense. Ill go 6 weeks on epi. 4 on h drol and 8 with the test prop. Thinking of the last two weeks hitting a clen cycle to thin out quick and see all my gains before starting pct. any thoughts? I have t seen anyone run these three so I thought I'd throw if up and see how much **** I get. I know that some people go into it blind and trust me I'm not. But you will never know how a stack works on you unless you try it. My Gf is a nurse and she does blood once a week to make sure my liver hasn't take. A beating and everything is kosher. I'm also taking lisinopril for blood pressure to keep it in check. Lets see what happens.

  2. Also a multi and taurine on hand for back pumps. B12 daily and vitamin d daily. Right now I'm finishing animal pak but picked up a bottle of orange triad for multi. I've heard great things.

  3. Any thoughts at all?

  4. Bump. Someone on here has to have something to say. Or at least tell me I'm doing this right or ****ing up or wanting to know how gains are going. But gains are going pretty well. Test prop after 3rd pin seems to have started to work its magic. My appetite is through the roof and epi and h drol haven't given me much problems besides a little back pump here and there. Numbers are def going up and starting to feel things hardening up and not as sore as normal after a heavy session.

  5. Why take two oral methyls? Drop hdrol and just do epi and test or hell hdrol and test. Don't run epi with hdrol.

  6. I know two methylated can be a no no. But I've ran them both before. I'm taking plenty of support supps and keeping the doses lower. 40 a day on epi 50 on hdrol. I've reading logs with both ran and amazing gains gotten. I have tren an winny as well as ghrp 6 and cjc but I'm not touching those right now. I may extend to the real gear and add another test with the prop and do a long 12 week gear run. not sure on that though depending on the sides. I just figure someone has to try it. My strength gains are getting up there and as long as my blood work comes back fine and sides aren't too bad I should be good yeah? Any thoughts on after the 4-5 week ph run and keeping the prop but adding the peptides winny and tren. Maybe add a test sustanon 250 as well. I wanna do a show in may which gives me a ton of time to prep. I wanna hit the 202 class solid and massive. I'm 57 running around 180-185 depending on the day. So after bulking up ill need to cut. I'm kind of an extremist.


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