17 year old taking steroids????

  1. 17 year old taking steroids????

    Is a 17year old male taking a testosterone steroid to young or is it ok in some ways?

  2. What do you think... -.-

  3. Well from what I no and experienced taking steroids myself I don't think it's a good idea but I don't no the 100% ins and outs of them

  4. Are you the 17 yr old?

  5. No it's a friend

  6. Only if its the 1970s and you are Arnold, but prob not even then. I say no because at 17 you are still developing and natty test is increasing. Using aas early can stop your own production of test for good. Tell your friend to eat good and lift hard and wait 10 yrs. IMO

  7. Not at all- Honestly you probably shouldn't touch anything until your at least 25. To,take steroids properly it involves a lot,of research and money. Also a 17 year old probably isn't smart enough to take them properly and can really f up there body long term.


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