first cycle halocor need some input

  1. first cycle halocor need some input

    alright so imthinking of starting up my first cycle so i am inexperienced for sure . I was thinking of halocor for five weeks 50/50/50/75/75 taking protex during the cycle and a serm and post cycle 3x after , im most confused on the serm whether it be nolva or clomid i dont really know how to dose either of them but any imput would be appreciated . i will also try some DAA and trib to attempt to keep my libido high post cycle . creatine multivitamin joint support and fish oils will be included. Defiantly need some help from someone with some experience though . thanks

    22yo 6 foot 175 looking to bulk up diet is in check also

  2. read that halacor is the same as hdrol so mabye Reversitol would be ok for a serm ? im looking for otc just in case i cant find a "real" serm

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