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    I have been cycling quiet some time now and I have never been that fond about ordering pre-blended gear. However, a certain blend caught my eye the other day and I want to know if such a blend is even possible. The source is a very reliable source as far as gear goes, but as I said I have always been iffy regardless of source when it comes to blends.

    The blend goes as follows- tren e 250, mast e 250, test e 250 PER 1 ML.. Is this even possible? To fit 750mg of gear in one cc?? It looks very appealing to me but at the same time looks very suspicious. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  2. Damn nobody has anything for me?

  3. I dont know but I can't even imagine the pip if it is possible..... 500/ml is the highest I've heard of
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