Second PH Cycle Need Opinions and Help

  1. Second PH Cycle Need Opinions and Help

    I will be starting my second PH cycle and I would like to see what you guys think of my cycle and I could use some help. I did not run the first one completely right so I am doing everything I can for this one. I'm 5'11 around 170 it fluctuates and will be 22 in a couple of months

    Week 1-2
    Cycle Assist

    Week 3-7
    Bullnox pre workout
    RPN Havoc 20/30/30/30/40
    Cycle Assist (throughout)
    Fish Oil (throughout)
    Glutamine (throughout)
    Multi Vitamin (throughout)

    Maybe a test booster depends on Bullnox
    Cycle Assist
    PES Erase 0/2-3/2-3/2-3/2-3 depending on if it makes my joints and skin dry will depend on 2 or 3 pills
    Torem/Clomid- Which should I take and what kind of dosage

    Willing to change this is what I have put together after some research can't figure out the serm though

  2. Ive done epi, same thing as havoc. I ran 40 for 4 weeks. I think 20 isnt enough I would atleast start at 30. Most ppl I know that have used it regrets not starting at 40. Everything else looks good though except you need a serm for sure. I used clomid.

  3. Def start at 40. 20 is very low. I had some extra and ran it for two weeks just to get rid of it but considered my cycle started when I hit 40. I'd do 40 the whole way and grab se nolvadex. And maybe an OTC test booster like usp labs or something. I like that stuff. But make sure you have a serm.

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