4 Week Clenviscerate Run

  1. 4 Week Clenviscerate Run

    Hey everyone,

    I've been cutting for the last 6 weeks (natural), and have decided to add in some Clenviscerate BFF for the next 4 weeks to move things along a little faster.

    Started with Clenviscerate on 8/25/13

    Starting weight: 232.5
    Starting waist: 37.5
    Bodyfat: around 17%

    Doing the CV 2x day, once right after I shower in the AM (post workout), and the 2nd is six hours later.

    Days 1 - 2 were 20mcg, 2x day
    Days 3 - 4 were Eviscerate only, 2x day
    Day 5 and 6 (today)= 20 mcg 2x day

    going forward, the plan is:

    Day 7 - 8: Eviscerate only, 2x day
    Day 9 - 10: 40mcg, 2x day
    and will repeat that 4 day cycle for the remainder of the 4 weeks.

    Training: 3 days sprints or HIIT cardio ... 3 days lifting (1 day lower body, 1 day upper body, 1 day full body circuit)

    I do my workouts in the morning, I pop EC upon waking, then 1/2 hour later it's 1/2 scoop whey protein in water ... I wait another 1/2 hour, then I train.

    Right after the workout, I drink a scoop of whey in water ... then an hour later it's usually 2 eggs, plus a protein shake with whey, water, blueberries, greens powder

    Diet: 1800 - 2500 calories (zig zag) ... 30% carbs, 30% fat, 40% protein

    Other supps: EC stack (2x day, 5 on - 2 off), fish oil (5g day), Vitamin D (3000 iu), Multi, greens powder, probiotic, Zinc & Magnesium

    Will update stats on Saturdays.

    I've dropped 10 lbs fat in the last 6 weeks ... hoping to do at least another 5 over the next 4 weeks.

  2. Did an upper body workout this morning, followed by some HIIT cardio. Felt really strong during the whole thing ... One of those "everything goes right" workouts. Which is a little strange, since my sleep was kind of broken. Normally go to bed at 10, and up by 5 to get ready to workout at 6 ... but last night I woke up wide awake at midnight and was up until 2am.

    I just started the log yesterday, but it's actually day 7 for my Clenviscerate run. Today is an Eviscerate only day ... put some on my lower abs (problem area) after my post-workout shower this morning (7am). Will re-apply this afternoon to my chest and upper abs.

    Weigh-in and measuring tomorrow morning ...

  3. Weighed in and measured today .... waist is down 1/4" and weight is down a pound (well .9, but I'll round up)

    Happy with the results so far!

    Rest day, and going out to dinner with the wife (cheat meal)

    I like the icy hot feel that comes with the Eviscerate BFF. Smell isn't too bad, either.

    Tomorrow starts the first time of Clenviscerate with 40 mcg 2x day.

  4. Been busy with work, forgot to update ... Training and diet have been on track this week. Took the Clenviscerate according to schedule ... So far, so good. Weighing in and re-measuring tomorrow (Saturday). Definitely feeling leaner through my midsection. I've been applying 2x day ... after my AM shower (applying to lower abs ... or where my lower abs are hiding). In the evening before bed, I am applying it to my chest and upper abs.

    Looking forward to seeing what the tape measure shows.

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