Beast/Epi Log

  1. Beast/Epi Log

    Starting Cycle Today

    Beast 20/20/30/30/00/00
    Epi 00/00/30/30/40/40

    Liquid Tamox 20/20/10/10
    DAA 3/3/3/3
    LGI Rehab 4/4/4/4

    Support and Staples:
    GNC Multi/Fish Oil
    Organ Shield
    GNC Cardio Health Program
    Anabolic Pump

    29 yrs
    190.8 lbs
    13.1% BF

  2. Day 1: Beast 20mg

    Nothing exciting. Got in my 2 gallons of water. Pretty tired at the end of day and through workout, because of lack of caffeine. Any stims or pre-workouts OK while on cycle? Trying to avoid extra bump in BP, but I love caffeine.


    DB Press 50x12/60x10/65x8/65x7
    DB Upright Row 35x10/45x10
    DB Lateral Raise 25x10/30x10/35x8
    Reverse Pec Dec 130x12/160x10/180x8/180x6
    DB Front Raise 25x10/30x8/35x6

    Cable Pushdown 120x12/150x10/180x8/180x6
    SkullCrushers 75x10/95x8/95x8
    DB Overhead Extension 75x10/75x10/75x10
    Reverse One-Arm Cable Ext 40x10/40x10/40x10

  3. Day 2: Beast 20mg

    Definitely felt it kicking in today. Felt a little more aggressive than normal. No crazy pumps at the gym, but a lot more vascular and endurance.


    Assisted Pull-ups 20/15/12/10
    Barbell Row 135x12/185x10/225x6/225x6
    Close Grip Pulldowns 150x8/165x8/180x6
    DB Row 75x8/75x8/75x8
    Deadlift 135x10/185x8/235x4
    BB Shrug 225x10/315x8/365x6/385x5
    DB Shrug 75x12/75x12/75x12
    Behind Back BB Shrug 275x8/275x8

  4. LGI rehab has the same ingridient as erase so woudn't you want to taper it down??? For my epi pct I'm going to do erase 0/0/3/2/2/1.

  5. Since LGI Rehab is like a combo of recycle and erase, I want to run it at 4/4/4/4 to keep the test boost high. I have seen some others here run it at 4/4/4/4 with no problems

  6. Day 3: Beast 20mg

    Off Day from gym. Work was a little crazy so I didn't get all of my meals in. I will weigh myself tomorrow. Definitely feel fuller today.


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