hdrol first time log!

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  1. hdrol first time log!

    Running lgi halo 25! After a work injury and being screwed up between that and cortisol being ****ed up from prednisone and not gaining back any lost strength over the last year, time to ****ing push it!
    Halo will be 50/75/75/75/75/75 but may bump to 100 last couple weeks if I'm feeling it.
    Support products
    Life support, now taurine 1000, g n c mega men sport multi, fish oil and cissus if need be.
    Nolva ( yes it came in the mail already) 20/20/10/10
    Dpol 3 grams
    Life support
    M5 reloaded creatine

    Training right now I'm starting with fst7 "jacked to the max" its pretty intense, I've run it before but I'm very tempted to switch to phat cus I want to do whatever's going to maximise my time on this.
    6'1 and 215 lb 28 years old right now shooting more for recomp and just getting my body back in shape.
    Goal is hitting 350 g protein a day gotta get back on my fitness pal to track calories. Lets do this!

  2. Did chest and calves this morning,
    Incline db press- 3 warmup sets
    4 sets 6 to 8 reps 40, 50, 55, 60
    Incline db flyes
    3 sets 12 reps
    20, 25, 30
    Cable flyes
    2 sets
    40, 50
    Hammer flat chest press
    7 sets 6 to 8 reps
    70, 90, 90, 100, 100, 115, 115
    Again, compaired to 14 months ago before I got hurt I don't have crap for strength so bear with me!
    Felt great this morning, 50 grams whey and half cup oats pre with hdrol, cellucor bcaas intra
    10:30 50 grams whey and milk
    1 - 8 scrambled eggs and apple
    3 - ppeanuts and cliff bar
    5 - slow cooked pulled pork sandwiches
    7 - greek yogurt
    9 - 50 grams whey
    Too much whey today cus had a hard morning, tomorrow will be better

  3. Day 2 outstanding! Got 15 min elliptical, a massive back workout ending with 4 sets of deads at 225 to failure(6, 6, 4, 3) all reps weights hit the ground before next rep cus that's how its done! Having some issues with my right forearm, pushed arms a bit much last week been workin on getting it back into shape all day. Didn't stop me from throwin straps on for back day didn't bother ne aside from pullups a little.
    8am-8 eggs and apple
    10am- 50 grams whey
    12pm- large chicken breast
    2:30pm-about 8oz pulled pork from last night
    5pm- about 8 to 10 oz tilapia fillets and oranges
    7pm- couple servings peanuts
    9pm- 50 grams whey
    Cut out oats from yesterday and made shakes with water instead of milk, felt a little bloated before cardio and lift this morning so wanted to cut back a little and see how I respond.

  4. Day 3 was off day, nutrition stayed about the same. Day 5 was 15 min cardio then high volume shoulder blast and shrugs, felt great. Been having issues with forearm pumps so didn't do heavy presses. Day 6 I did 15 min cardio and a kind of leg workout
    Leg extensions and curls
    Front squats
    Stiff legged db deadlifts
    Barbell thrusters
    Tricep extension/french press ss
    Db front raises/side lateral/bent over ss
    Felt really fired up today, won't have time to really beat up arms this weekend so thought id hit tris, shoulders just needed a little more, legs I wanted to change up and go with explosive movements, great workout!

  5. You could stack with 11-oxo for cortisol control. I'm currently in an 11-oxo/H-drol cycle.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by WifeSlapTed View Post
    You could stack with 11-oxo for cortisol control. I'm currently in an 11-oxo/H-drol cycle.
    I was leaning towards stano to start sometime around week 2 or 3. I know my training and diet have a lot to do with results I've had but I've already lost a noticable amount of size around my midsection and muscles are very full right now. Have not hit lethargy yet but already been fighting with back and forearm pumps using 5g or more taurine every day

  7. I didnt know this was a log but I'm in buddy.

    You should definitely add stano week two

    Post some before pics
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  8. On my phone, this is two weeks ago about 216, upper body is my biggest concern

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  9. Legs arent a huge problem area as far as size goes, my calves had lost size when I was hurt but I'm quickly getting that back. Biggest thing with legs is I want my strength back! Before I got hurt I could squat and dead over 300. Over the last week I hit 225 on deadlift which is a huge improvement, problem for the last year was prednisone shut my strength gains down and I put on a lot of w eight, back in april I was up to 250 doing cardio every day, on c20 anabolic pump and alphamine and I couldn't lose a pound, started coming off the pred in may and before i started the cycle I was almost down below 215. I know its week one but I've felt amazing this past week

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  10. End of week 1! Sitting around 218 after a low carb day

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  11. Back is poppin pretty good

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  12. Last couple days had family stuff so I've been doing circuit training at home. Thanks to the nice labor day sales I've got stano coming to start week 3!

  13. In this log bud, thanks for the advice in my other thread.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by EatMoar View Post
    In this log bud, thanks for the advice in my other thread.
    Thanks! You gonna log yours?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by bono1132 View Post

    Thanks! You gonna log yours?
    I don't think I'll have time to post up stuff during the semester. I'll post before and after pics though .

  16. Hit a split workout today, did chest a.m. and tris p.m. prepping food for next few days, up another pound after a day off, stano will be here in a day or two feeling pumped as hell right now!

  17. Slight bump in lifts,
    Bench press 4 sets of 6 to 8 at 165
    Incline db press 4 sets 6 to 8 65 lbs
    Db and cable flyes nothing special
    Db pullovers 4 sets 8 at 50 lbs
    Triceps was cables and dips got a massive pump!
    Side note, back and forearm pumps have calmed down! Very little acne poping up, nothing crazy just here and there.

  18. Back a.m. biceps p.m. today, noteables are
    Bent over reverse grip rows 3x8 at 135, 155 155
    dead lifts
    12 reps 135
    8 reps 185
    2 sets of 6 at 225
    All reps rest on ground before next starts. All other lifts I was happy with, biceps I did high reps low weights got crazy painful forearm pumps, added high doses of cissus and more fish oil today to see if it'll help forearm pain, yesterday had a horrible moment when the grill ran out of gas halfway through cooking my chicken, so in the last 24 hours I've had four of the driest chicken breast ever. Only one left but dreading it.

  19. Today was shoulder day! Did 15 min hiit then hit fst7 shoulders it was nuts! I've slacked on cardio this week, last week 15 min was hard to get through had to stop for water break every 5 min to catch breath, today I blasted through no problem! Felt great.
    4x8 standing db press 30, 40, 45, 50
    3x8 one arm db side lateral leaning 20, 25, 30
    4x8 one arm bent over db row leaning onto inclined bench 15, 20, 25, 25 with drop set
    Behind the back cable lateral
    Seated barbell front raises
    7x10 40, 40, 40, 50, 60, 60
    High cable rear delt rows
    I'm spent! Makin a big batch of chicken enchiladas for dinner and lunches tomorrow

  20. Yesterday I added stano at 800, and had an amazing leg day!
    Leg extensions 4x12
    Squats 5 sets (95x12, 135x 12, 185x10, 205x6, 225x6) this was amazing weight for me considering how much strength I have lost, very happy with this
    Hack squats 3x12
    Leg press 7x8 with 6 plates
    Walking lunges
    Diet has been great this week, I'm up right around 220 and I've added more cardio, today will be rest day cus I can barely walk, today starts week three going to try hitting most body parts 2x a week, especially legs shoulder chest, going grocery shopping today!

  21. Nice
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  22. Another great back morning! Bent over rows at 175, one arm db rows at 85, also deadlifts another current pr 135x 12, 185x10, 225x8, 245x5, after 20 min cardio. Going back this afternoon for arms with fat gripz

  23. Hit shoulders this morning, then chest and calves this afternoon. Was brutal! I'm up to around 225 right now really blown up this week! Nothing eaten this week has not been made by me, 75 to 100 g whey all week, 6 to 8 eggs every morning and about 2 or more lb chicken during the day, lots of healthy fats. Been using fat gripz all week forearms are tore up!!

  24. Another great leg day today! I hit squats at 135x12, 185x8 185x8, 205x4, 225x6! Not really a jump weight wise but I set the gaurd rails on power rack just below parallel and paused at the bottom of the movement as close to gaurd as possible then up on a 3 count. Wicked pump!
    Leg ext - 4x12
    Squats - 5x
    Leg press - 7 sets 8 with 6 plates
    Walking lunges 3sets
    Seated leg curls 4x12
    Stiff legged deads 4x8
    Was a good morning! Gonna do abs this afternoon! Weighed in right at 224 this morning after a massive dumper ha!

  25. So I decided to get another bottle of halo and stano and run weeks 4 5 6 and hdrol- 100 and stano at 1200. Goin great at 75 and 800 no sides aside from a massive leg pimple, sometimes first thing a.m. I get some aggression or anxiety but by the time I roll out of the gym I'm good to go, its been goin great and I want to up because I need another thing of stano either way so might as well go big!


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