Upcoming Test/Var cycle...need input

  1. Upcoming Test/Var cycle...need input

    Stats: 5'10, 190lbs, 9-10%BF

    Going to be starting my first ever injectable cycle here in a couple weeks
    Week 1-12, Test [email protected]
    7-12, [email protected] ED

    I'm going to have both Arimidex and Letro on hand, just in case. PCT I'll have nolva and clomid, also thinking about throwing in some DAA.

    Any suggestions for things I can change or tweak a little? Thanks

  2. Nolva AND clomid is plain overkill IMO.

    Also by week 9 you're going to wish you had enough var to run it at 100mg.
    Unless you're a female you probably won't see much benefit from 60.
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  3. Would you choose one over the other in this situation? And the var tabs come in 30mgs so I could run it at 90mg instead of 60mg

  4. I'd choose clomid every time
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  5. Alright, luckily I've already got both on hand. And as far as adex or letro goes, would you pick one over the other there? Also, do you think DAA is a must during my pct? I decided to run the var at 90mgs a day...thanks



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