Iron Labs Epi Xtreme and Tren E Log

  1. Iron Labs Epi Xtreme and Tren E Log

    This is my first Epi cycle, I've done var in the past. It is for a recomp cycle.
    I picked up:
    2 x Iron Labs Epi Xtreme - 10mg epistane per cap
    2 x Iron Labs Protect (nutrition facts per serving) 3 pills
    • Milke thistle 500mg
    • N-Acetyl-L-Cynstenine NAC 400mg
    • Hawthorn Berry 400mg
    • Saw Palmetto 200mg
    • Celery Seed Extract 75mg
    • Grape Seed Extract 75mg

    1 x Iron Labs PCT Xtreme. (nutrition facts per serving) 2 pills
    • ATD 35 MG

    • T-Max Proprietary Blend
    • 1,232 mg*
    • Tribulus Terrestris P.E 40% (7:1)
    • Fenugreek
    • Chrysin
    • Apigenine
    1 x Iron Labs Tren E - 30mg of 19nor-nomenclature tren

    I have liquid tamox to run with the pct xtreme.

    All doses are spread out through the day with food (1 epi, 1 protect) x times a day.

    No preworkout on cycle, saving it for PCT.

    Running DiCreatine Malate (3g), CEE (2.5g), orange triad multi (4 pills a day), and fish oil (at least 1g a day), ZMA at night. Mostly clean diet consisting of eggs, liquid egg whites, chicken breast, steak, vegetables, PB (natural) and Jelly on rice cakes, protein powder and occasional dinner outings. No alcohol.

    Starting stats:
    H: 5'10
    W: 196.2 lb
    BF: Between 13-14%

    Started cycle on 8/5/2013
    week 1 EPI 30mg + protect - COMPLETE
    week 2: EPI 40mg + protect - COMPLETE
    week 3: EPI 40mg + TREN E 90mg + protect
    week 4: EPI 50mg + TREN E 90mg + protect
    week 5: EPI 50mg + TREN E 90mg + protect
    week 6: EPI 50mg + TREN E 90mg + protect
    week 7 PCT Xtreme + protect + 20mg nolva
    week 8 PCT Xtreme + protect + 20mg nolva
    week 9 PCT Xtreme + protect + 10mg nolva
    week 10 PCT Xtreme + protect + 10mg nolva

    week 1 (8/5 to 8/11) - complete on 8/12/2013, notice some hardness, workouts have been great. I'm maintaining weight, but feel slimmer.

    week 2(8/12 to 8/18) - i've noticed an increased appetite since this weekend passed. i've generally had more energy during the day and at night time, but no sleeping problems. slight increase in acne, and increased sweating while working out. (i sweat a lot, but recently i've been drenched towards the end of my lifts).

    Some questions to the community -
    • I'm thinking of adding a transdermal DHEA to keep energy levels up and for some extra Test. Is it worth it at this point? I would be able to start it on week 3, but i should have started it on week 1.
    • Adding the Tren E to the cycle was not originally planned - i am getting a free bottle. Should I add an additional protect pill? e.g. i've been taking 1 epi 1 protect with meals - if i add tren should i do 1 epi, 1 tren, 2 protect? or is that overkill?
    • Should I add DAA to PCT?

    Thanks folks

  2. Just started week 4. As soon as i added the Tren, this stack shut me down - decreased libido and lethargy. i added transdermal test, it seems to help a little bit. I may hit PCT now since the next two weekends i am going on trips with the gf.

  3. How long have you been on the tren? Add the daa to your pct.

  4. Its the iron labs Tren e, I think it is the 19nor version. I was on it for 6 days. I hit pct this past Thursday. I will order some daa when I'm back home. I'm feeling better since i started pct - libido is back. Maybe my epistane dose was too high, or I added the transdermal test too late?

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