help with PH cycles and stacks

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    help with PH cycles and stacks

    Im 32 years old im currently 280 lbs at 5'11 im over weight to say the least.
    Im thinking of starting a PH cycle but I dont know if its a good idea so im starting here to get the thoughts and opinions of those more experienced then I.

    my plans were to use the following
    estrastain, powerdrol 10, blockade on cycle support, post cycle 3x , and raspberry keytones complete and anabolic matrix for fat loss.

    please provide as much experienced advise as possible (please let me know if im ****ing up) even if its harsh I can take it
    my main goal is not to waste time and money and avoid ****ing my body up. I am a novice so any nutrition and workout plan info is greatly appreciated. I just want to get started in the right direction. Thank you in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by serious shawn View Post
    Im 32 years old im currently 280 lbs at 5'11 im over weight to say the least.
    Nope stop there... get your diet and training in order first. Then in a year or so when you are in shape and no longer overweight come back to the idea IMO
    Go over to the nutrition section of the forum and the training section lotta info on weight loss there
    Why not zoidberg?

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