Timing of AI and Test Booster

  1. Timing of AI and Test Booster

    Hi, everyone. I'm going to be running an 8-wk SDMZ/Trenabol/Halo stack, and am working out the final details around the AI and test booster timings.
    * Torem will be the heavy-hitter/SERM for PCT

    I've seen some stacks that use an AI on cycle (which I intend to do). I'll be using Arimistane (E-Control/Eradicate) and will continue this into PCT.
    * I'll of course be running liver and BP support, too

    Here's my confusion: some stacks use a test booster ON cycle, often in place of an AI. I can understand a test booster during PCT, but what's the point ON cycle? I understand that real test ON cycle is good to keep up the libido and fight lethargy, but if I wanted that, I'd reach for real test or a test PH, not something that's supposed to stimulate LH release (ie. aren't my balls supposed to be fairly useless ON cycle?).

    It seems like the more research I do, the more conflicting data I find.

    Looking for reasoned thoughts around the proper use of AIs and test boosters ON cycle and PCT. Specifically, what's the benefit of a TB on cycle, especially in light of the cycle that I'm running?

    Thanks a lot!
    - mBrane

    "That's what." -She

  2. There is no benefit to running a TB on cycle lol. That's a bit like pressing the purge button on a NOS tank when the engine is off. Its stupid lol
    Of course use a AI on cycle with aromatising compounds and into you're pct
    Why not zoidberg?

  3. Thank you! I no longer question my sanity. This was driving me nuts!
    - mBrane

    "That's what." -She

  4. Haha no problem I've been seeing that a lot lately. Makes no damn sense IMO
    unless there's someone here that can give a non bro science answer lol
    Why not zoidberg?

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