Hey guys, This is my 3rd Cycle, Previous cycles were both Dbol/Test E. 1st cycle I went from 94kg to 105kg (lost 5kg after pct). 2nd Cycle went from 98kg to 101kg (lost 1kg after pct). Had around 19% BF at this time. I have now cut for summer, gone down to 90kg however im looking bigger than ever, loads of bros are complimenting me asking what I'm taking etc. My 3rd cycle is going to be a fair bit bigger, my diet is going to stay clean and aiming for 3k to 3.5k calories a day this will allow me to stay lean while adding on quality muscle.

I have been speaking to a pro thats at my gym about my cycle, he has told me to pyramid my gear, I have never heard of this before, Ive made a spread sheet of my cycle and how its going to look. I will attach this at the bottom so you guys can see and give me feed back. Im also going to use oxys right up until the 1st day of my PCT. I done this with dbol on my 2nd cycle, not sure if it was more placebo than anything but I found my self a lot stronger pre PCT than I did on my 1st cycle.

Regarding PCT - I have never used HCG before and recovered with 3-4 weeks of nolva. Since its a larger cycle im going to use Clomid and Nolva for 4 weeks I have heard that I shouldn't use Nolva with Deca but I believe that's bro science from what Ive read so far.

My stats - 23 years old, 92kg, not sure on BF% however im a good 8% lower than when I was on my 1st 2 cycles, have a rough 6 pack for the 1st time in my life (cutting isn't my strong point!)

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