looking at 1 andro products for first cycle

  1. looking at 1 andro products for first cycle

    Hi all
    im a new member. Signed up becuase i need help on steroid usage.

    About a month or so ago i whent to a vitamin shop up the mall close to where i live and bought 2 bottles of finaflex 550xd along with pct black rev.
    Started the cycle and stopped after day 4 partly because i wasnt confident taking it from what i was reading up on the forums, they where saying it was pretty suppressive snd u need nolva and so on for p.c.t and becuase i started breaking out. Had to urinate every half hour. And nutts started feeling weird.

    Ive been doing more research and from what ive been reading 1 andro supps seem to be working well for poeple with zero estro conversion and some nice hard gains.

    I been reading alot of pos. Reviews of finaflex 1-andro and Alpha.

    I wanted to know which 1 andro products are the best and most bad ass for strength and size gains?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks!

  2. Help will be much appreciated thanks!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Greek Warrior View Post
    Help will be much appreciated thanks!
    Post this on the Finaflex forum and the reps there will help. Great guys there. Good luck.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  4. Cherrs man ill do that. I wanted to know if there is any other PHs that r similar to 1 andro, that r effective and dont require serious pcts that involve the use of nolva, clonid e.t.c.?

  5. 1andro = 1dhea. theres a whole bunch of similar products. all the dhea metabolites are good for beginners

    i doubt it did anything noticeable after 4 days dude. you just mind fuked yourself. these metabolites are the leat suppressive and safest orals out there. most people wont even use a serm for these dhea cycle unless they go for 8+ weeks.

    usually stacked wtih 4dhea to counter lethargy. ams and forerunner labs make them too

  6. Thanks for the input man, but that stoppage after 4 days was with 550xd which contains decasterone which basically converts to a nandrolone metabolite in ur body.
    U say 1 andro is usually stacked with 4 andro to combat lethargy.
    I was looking at a product from NRGX labs called 1 4 andro maxx, but after researching the product i little i was left sceptical.
    They say on the back 1 adrosterone 4 androsterone but they havent put down the actuall compounds to let people know what 1 andro there really getting.
    Also states serving size 2 caps which makes it underdosed.


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