My wedding prep log!

  1. My wedding prep log!

    So, Im getting hitched! Big day is about 7.5 weeks out. I am about 6-8lbs of fat away from the pic in my avi, and my ultimate goal is to be about 5lbs of fat less than the pick in my avi- in 7.5 weeks.

    A bit about me. I have been training hard, and consistently for five plus years. I have multiple cycles under my belt, with experience with compounds like trenbolone, dianabol, testosterone, masteron, winstrol, epi, SD- and some more exotic ones.

    This cycle is short and sweet- no tren as I dont want the shutdown, and I dont want the toxicity issues.


    Weeks 1-14
    Test prop 700mg/week
    Weeks 1-5 winstrol 50mg/day
    Weeks 8-14
    Turinabol 80mg/day

    Estrogen control
    Erase pro(could use exem, but I want to give this a whirl)

    Fat Burners
    Will add albuterol in, and Alpha t-2 around week 4

    Diet- Keto(5-7 days no carbs, 36 hour carb up)

    Cardio- 5x a week(mixture of HIIT AND LISS)

    Okay, well lets get this focking show on the road. My training alternates one week to the next between hypertrophy, and heavy weight light reps.

    Pics will be up every 2 weeks.

    Join me as I prep for my wedding!!!!

    Toay is an off day, tomorrow is chest and abs(heavy)

  2. Man I'm excited for your wedding and this cycle. I'm sure you'll look amazing! What's more exotic than tren??

  3. Thanks bro! Tren isn't exotic- ITS A STAPLE! lol no it's quite exotic. I have used primobolan, masteron, MOHN, but I find that really, less is better- on a cut at least.
    pinned 200mg test prop, popped 50 mg winstrol, did 32 minutes LISS cardio, carbs have been under 30 grams, protein is at 300 and fat around 150.

    tomorrow is chest day!

  4. In! So many things to be excited about! Congrats! I myself am getting hitched in late October and was debating running my first cycle before then. I have, however, decided to wait until after my wedding since its my first cycle and I would hate to F*** up either the marriage or the cycle, haha. However I will be sticking to shorty cycles at first. Can't wait your log, and our weddings!!!
    "It's not the length of life, but the depth" ~Emerson

  5. Congrats on the wedding bro. I'm getting married this weekend! I'm on 750mg test and 50mg/ day winny atm. Looking forward to your cycle man, looks good.



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