Super DMZ Fighters Recomp

  1. Unhappy Super DMZ Fighters Recomp

    What's up guys. Long time lurker 1st post. Been researching for a while to get all the info I need to know before running this cycle. Im going to log it to track myself lemme know what you guys think.
    Let first start off by saying I know most are advocates of running a test base with every cycle. I've got no problem pinning myself just not what I had planned for this time around perhaps the outcome of this cycle will affect my next go around.
    Stats 28yrs 5'10" 235 lbs
    Squat 385
    Dead 435
    Press 205
    Bench 300+
    Been training MMA/jits/boxing 6 yrs straight 5-6 days a week. Lifting 10yrs off and on. Last 3 years have been consistent.

    Here's what I Plan on running
    Weeks 1-4
    Super DMZ 2 caps AM/PM
    Advanced Cycle Support 2 caps at noon
    Anabolic Matrix 2 caps with SDMZ
    Ultra Male 1cap
    Liv 52

    Weeks 5-8 PCT
    Clomid 50/50/25/25
    Adv Cycle Support 2 caps
    Ultra Male 1 cap
    Anabolic Matrix 1 cap
    Live 52

    Also through out both: Potassium, Mag, Calcium and Taurine(cramps/low back Pump Prevention) fishoils, EFA Glucosamine for joints, and Vit C 3g/day
    Possibly DHEA: heard it help with lethargy, we'll see how it goes i can source this locally so i can add if I need it.

    I aslo Have Nolva and Liquidex on hand incase of gyno. Got both because I wanted to my bases covered. Better have it and not need it than Need it and not have it.

    The Goal of this run is Recomp. I want to gain muscle and get stonger while stripping body fat, not sure if I can do this and maintain close to my current weight. If the low carbs I've been hearing become an issue ill up them along with cals and turn it into a lean bulk. But unlike most dudes here I'm trying to keep gains to 10lbs max. I've gotta be 230lbs in mid October. While I don't mind cutting 10-15 lbs I don't like to push it beyond that so whatever muscle Is gained is going to have to equal the amount of fat/water ill need to strip off come October.

    Clen is also an option here. I have it, have used it before and I like it. Not sure if I should run on Cycle, PCT, Both or none. Input here would be appreciated.

    I follow a 4day Upper/Lower Split based of movments instead of Muscles, as an athlete I find this works better for me as opposed to body parts splits which leave me sore in an uneven/lopsided manner, not so good for keeping my balance Still doing 3 hours martials arts trainng/day 5 days a week. (Boxing, JIuJitsu,MMA,Kickboxing) For this reason my workouts seem relatively Low volume since we get lots of bodyweight conditioning in training. but depending on how my body reacts this could change and more volume my be added.

    Been Preppring my body for the thrashing its about to receive cant wait to get started Monday!

  2. Heres MY meal Plan for the Cycle

    8am breakfast
    3egg whites
    1/2cup Bell peppers
    1/2cup onions
    1/2 cup oatmeal

    10am/12pm/3pm lunches (this is the total of all 3 meals not each)
    3 cups grilled chicken thigh
    1 cup asparagus
    1cup broccoli
    1cup zucchini
    1.5 cup quinoa (or rice I just like the Quinoa)

    Snack 5pm/6pm
    4oz ground beef 90% lean
    1scoop protein Isolate

    9pm Dinner
    8oz Tilapia (or whatvers in 2 filets)
    2 cups salad greens/veggies
    1tps olive oil
    1tps apple cider vinager
    Lemon juice and crushed garlic

    Total cals 2600
    protein 244g(38%)
    Carb 182g(28%)
    fat 98g(34%)

  3. 1st Day on SDMZ took one cap am with vitamins, T-up (Daa test
    booster) taurine oats and eggs. Been minding the water.intake 1 litter
    every hour while at work puts me up to roughly 2 gallons by end of
    work day.
    took adv cycle support with lunch along with my daily vitamin routine
    took 2nd SDMZ cap at 430pm along with T-up Black, Taurine,
    potassium, mag. and headed off to boxing/jiujitsu.
    only thing I noticed today was a mild headache, might have been from
    getting waterlogged from pounding the H2O. this usually happens when
    I start upping my water intake this high. plus I spent the weekend in
    Yosemite hiking and eating hi salt foods so I might have been holding
    onto that water cuz didn't seem to piss as much as usual with 2 gals
    I'm me.
    will keep the water intake at this level along with the dosing routine and
    following the diet described above.
    lifting at 9pm
    SQUATS 20-20-10-8-6-3-3-3 reps
    hi rep squats 3*10*225#
    Lunges 3*10*135#
    Ab wheel 3*10
    Glute bridges 3*10*185#
    to set some base line numbers for my lifts. I record all my workouts on
    my phone so I should be able to cut and paste east enough to keep
    you guys updated on strength progress
    Hit Yosemite this weekend hiking for 3 days and sleeping on the
    ground. This morning my knees where trashed, my glutes and quads
    were sore as hell but for some reason when it came time to squat and
    lunge I felt good. Weights felt solid even though I put a lot more weight
    on the lunges and hi rep squats all reps came through nice and clean.

  4. full log here

    didn't dee much interest so my log is over at prohormoneforum super-dmz-fighters-recomp.html
    guess I cant post link either

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