2ml off test e

  1. 2ml off test e

    Is 1ml every 3.5 to much for a first cycle.iv been on it for a week now.

  2. Assuming it's 250mg per ml that's 500mg a week so no that's not to much for a first cycle
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  3. Its 1ml every time i pin.pin every 3.5 days.i know a few lads that have done the some cycle and went good

  4. 1000mg a hit

  5. I would def check the mg/ml I've seen some that are 500 mg which would make you a wreck and I've seen some that are 100 mg which would be useless

  6. So i found out its 250mg/ml.
    Am doing 250mg every 3.5 days is this a little high for first time.

  7. Sounds about right 500 mg a week is about standard I've ran this twice with good results! After about 3 weeks you will really see the scale love I put on about 20 lbs in 2 months


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