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  1. great log

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ericnb_98
    great log
    I agree. FX was the first post what you ate everyday?

  3. It is what I ate but I eventually got rid of the tuna. Despite it being a cheap source of protein, I could not stomach it. I just had 1 1/2 scoops of Whey instead. Anyway, I went back to Tamoxifen and libido has returned. I also feel a lot more livelier. I weighed in today at 211. Fat loss is slowing down slightly. The last day is March 5, 2004. Then I'm taking two weeks off and then starting another 8 week cutting cycle which I hope is the last one. I want to finish off losing at least 1.5 lbs a week for the last two weeks. Then gain about 2-3 lbs as I'm eating whatever I want and then go back and try to drop 15-20 lbs. At that time, I should be at a BF% where I can do a clean bulk.

  4. Great log my man, I am contemplating doing something somewhat similar.

    Was it all worth it, would you do it again?

  5. I'm still not finished with my cutting cycle but yeah, I would do it again. The thing is though, I would have taking Tamoxifen Citrate the whole time, going by Bobo's gyno articles he put up a week or so ago. I'm also not taking Clenbuterol anymore. I still have a bottle left but I'm saving it for some other time, if I am. I may just sell it off but I'll see. Cutting is not as hard as I've heard people say. Its just routine and still enjoy eating all of my foods.

    Also my nipples were wrecked after 3-Alpha. I was worried it would be permanent but about a week later, they're good as new.

  6. Well, the cut is over. Great times were had. Stepped on the scale today at 206 lbs. I was surprised since I thought weight loss would really be slowing down. 24 lbs in 8 weeks is a 3 lb average. Pants feel a lot looser, my man tits are now at about 1.25" each so the treatments I've been doing have been working. They stalled but started going away again when I switched back to Tamoxifen Citrate.

    I'm taking a week off. I'll probably pop in here sometime later this week and come up with final measurements. Then I'm going to write up my new gameplay for the 2nd cycle, another cut that hopefully should get me down to a lean bulk phase.

  7. Cheat meal/week off update.

    I've learned my lesson. The lesson here is that eating whatever you want surprisingly sucks.

    Today is going to be my last day and then I'm going to start up again. I can't take it anymore. Really. The first day, I felt great. To be able to eat all the foods I wanted to. The next day, it was fine. Monday though sucked. My arms feel like dead weights and feel tired, all the time. In the mornings, I used to be able to spring up and turn off the alarm. Now I don't feel like getting up anymore. Yesterday I fell asleep and was nearly late for work.

    I'm also taking some night classes to get more money at my job so I had a test last night. My memory was shot. I came out with a 70/100, which is about 15-20 pts too low for my liking.

    I'll write up my new cutting plan tomorrow. It will be awesome.

  8. Hey, interesting journal.

    I've read a lot about your cycles here and at Avant Labs I think? What was your final verdict on all of the gyno treatments-- Tamoxifen has been the most effective? You were trying all sorts of transdermals and such.


  9. I made a post about my new cycle yesterday. It was nice but the page wouldn't load and I lost all of my information. So here it is, my second cutting cycle. Supplements will be the same. I started off at 217.5 lbs last Saturday. How in the hell could I have gained eleven pounds in a week? I know 5-7 lbs would be water but I can't believe I gained that much fat in that short amount of time. Oh well, the damage is done. My goal for this week is to hit 213 lbs. I don't have my weigh scale as it broke and won't be able to get a new one until Saturday. So I could have already dropped the water weight. I don't feel as bloated now.

    I've read a lot about your cycles here and at Avant Labs I think? What was your final verdict on all of the gyno treatments-- Tamoxifen has been the most effective? You were trying all sorts of transdermals and such.
    3-Alpha and Absolved - Not that great. I found out I was applying too little on so that could have been the problem. I still have a week's left in a bottle left. I'll continue to use it since I have 96 grams left of the stuff. Too bad Avant doesn't have just the carrier. Nipples were destroyed on it (recovered quick) so this time I'll be applying under the nipple where it feels the lumpiest.

    Tamoxifen - Effective. Size would always reduce when I was using it. Going to use it for 45 days. First two weeks will be 40 mg Tamoxifen (60 mg T. Citrate) and the rest of the time will be 20 mg Tamoxifen.

    Letro - Worthless. Killed off libido too.

  10. what do you mean by nipples wrecked? deformed?

  11. Just scabbed thats all. Whenever I'd apply the Absolved, it would burn the hell out of them too. I was hoping it wasn't permanent but a week later, it was just fine. I thought it was just dried but I notice sometimes they would bleed too. For people using that stuff on their nipples, I don't recommend it. Like I said, I'm going to apply them under the nipple. It may be more effective that way. I don't know the skin absorption of nipple skin as opposed to regular skin.

    Edit: I've gone back to my old habits again. I binged this morning. I don't like it. It wasn't all out but I had:

    2 Ice Cream Sandwiches
    15 Chips Ahoy Cookies

    I guess there's four good cutting days. I'm going to run for today, I may run for 75 minutes instead. I feel really bad about doing it so I doubt I'll do that for a while. I'm sure I'll put on some water weight.

  12. This week has been kind of a wash. Just taking it easy. Tomorrow, I'm doing Twin Peak's carbohydrate cycling. I won't post my specific plan since its the same thing. I'm sure people here have read the articles.

    So big update tomorrow. Didn't get my Rebound or Absolved yet but I will on Monday.

  13. My pictures are below. I suck at taking them. As you can tell, I still got a lot of work ahead of me.
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  14. Day Two of Twin Peak's cycling. I'm on the no carbohydrate day and actually feel more energized. I'm also taking Clenbuterol again. Been getting the hand shakes and when the thermostat was set to 70, I started to sweat. I'll weigh myself Saturday, before the high carbohydrate day. I'll also take new pictures then.

  15. Today is high carbohydrate day. Man, I feel bloated and tired. I had a lot of energy yesterday so I guess good times will be had by me tomorrow then. I can't wait until I sleep tonight.

    This is day two of Rebound XT. I'm taking 4 caps a day for 15 days. Then 3 caps for 20. Then that will be it. Along with the 40 mg of Tamoxifen. I doubt its the Rebound (maybe it is) but all my lifts went up quite a bit today. +20 lbs on bench for one. It felt strange. Maybe energy from high carbohydrate day? I don't know. I still have maybe one more Clen cycle left of the Clen bottle but once thats it, I'm done. I hate having to drink water constantly (5-10 minutes without water gives me a headache). I may crack the bottle of the other one open sometime but I just hate the feeling. It will be straight EC from now on. I may alternate with GXR + LX + Guggul after the EC is done as an alternative.

    I still haven't applied the 3-Alpha...yet. Well, thats it for now. Time to go eat.

  16. I lost about 4.5 lbs this week. Some of it is probably water and I have some new progress pictures. I also got Lean Extreme and am taking four capsules a day, spread out evenly. I will be getting Glucophase XR here in a day or two also. I will be starting the EC stack today
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