6-MDROL and Beastdrol/Superdrol Stack 8 WEEKS

  1. 6-MDROL and Beastdrol/Superdrol Stack 8 WEEKS

    Cycle layout is as follows:
    6-MDROL 100/100/100/100/100/100/100/100
    Beastdrol 0/0/30/30/30/30/0/0

    For PCT i will be using torem as well as a few other items. I will elaborate when PCT comes.

    With supporting supplements
    • Beta Carotene
    • Animal Flex
    • AI cycle support
    • Multi vitamin
    • Fish oil
    • Pro Complex gainer

    Training: Unorthodox, with every set until absolute failure. A mix of endurance and strength throughout the cycle.

    Starting weight: 240lbs

    Goals: More muscle mass, strength, and cardiovascular/muscular endurance ability.

    Will be drinking plenty of water everyday, and eating a LOT(with a lot of natural peanut butter).

    I've already been recording this for a few days, So i'll include what I've already recorded in this first post.
    ______________________________ ___________________

    Day 1, July 3
    Nothing too special yet. Did a non-intense workout with more stretching and massaging than anything else. However, towards the end of the day I was starting to feel sickish, and congested, not exactly sure what caused it, but drinking a lot of water helped.

    Day 2, July 4
    Gym closed today so no lifting. No sides or anything felt yet.

    Day 3, July 5th
    No lifting. Sight back pump felt during work. Starting to feel and hear my heart beating as I fall asleep. Body generally feels warmer, especially before falling asleep.

    Day 4, July 6th
    I had a very hard time sleeping the previous night. Not exactly sure what caused this, but I woke up periodically throughout the night out of nowhere, this usually never happens. I didn't get a chance to sleep in so Iím not sure if that would have kept occurring all night.Great workout and pump! Nothing cycle-like, but I stopped using preworkout all together today and I still worked out as intense as ever. Workout was as follows:

    Barbell Bench press

    • 100 reps (bar)
    • 40 reps (135lbs)
    • 70 reps (bar)

    Dumbbell Bench Press(didnít record what weight was used)
    • 40reps
    • 30 reps
    • 20 reps
    • 10 reps
    • 10 reps
    • 5 reps
    • 5 reps
    • 3 reps
    • 40 reps

    • 3 Sets each until failure + 5 negative reps past failure each set

    Dumbbell pullovers
    • 30 reps
    • 20 reps
    • 10 reps
    • 10 reps

    Incline Cable flies
    • 2 sets until failure 20+ reps each

    Regular cable flies
    • 2 sets until failure, 20+ reps each

    Day 7, July 9th
    Legs today
    Lying Leg press
    • 100 reps(300lbs)
    • 40 reps(480lbs)

    • leg extension 40reps + Hamstring curls 40 reps
    • one leg at a time leg extension 25reps + Hamstring curls 30 reps
    • one leg at a time leg extension 5 reps(to a dropset of 20 reps) + Hamstring curls 10 reps(with a dropset to 25 reps)

    Farmers walk
    • 60lb dumbells x 2 for 1 minute

    • Single legged leg extension until failure 20+ reps
    • Hamstring curls until failure 20+ reps

    Workout was really good, felt a huge pump in my legs which doesn't always happen, and a lot of energy. It's nothing crazy yet though.Sidenote: on some of the high rep sets towards the end i will reach failure before my goal, so rest-pause is a technique where I will rest for a second while holding the weight in a neutral position, and proceed to pump out a "forced" rep.

  2. Day 13, July 15th
    The past few days of training have consisted of high rep high intensity, and low rep high intensity training. A mix of strength and endurance.

    So far from 6-mdrol i have had a mild default pump, but great pumps in the gym. My recovery time hasn't been much faster though, maybe it takes a little over two weeks for this stuff to kick in all the way?

    But today I have begun beastdrol as well, so this is where the fun begins!

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